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Playing sports is really good for children. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Terms such as “possibly,” “probably,” “seems,” “may,” and “might” indicate weaknesses in your argument. Jonathan McLaughlin Week 7: Was it widely disseminated and read e. Maybe I think that playing sports helps children develop better cooperation skills, better coordination, and better overall health. A thesis is not a quote.

First read the document s for content. Remember, this is not the only type of effective thesis statement, but using this pattern is helpful if you are having difficulty creating your thesis and staying organized in your writing. Why did the author write the document? At the beginning of class and after the final research paper, you will have a chance to reflect on your own work with a critical eye. If you have a disability, please set up an appointment with me as soon as possible so that we can discuss the accommodations you need. If you are not comfortable speaking in class, please see me in office hours so that we can talk about how you can improve your discussion skills. If a pronoun replaces a plural noun, you should use a plural pronoun.

Avoid the use of qualifying terms. Did the document’s publication have anticipated and unanticipated consequences? As a historian, you should present contradictory evidence, but show that it is outweighed by the evidence that supports your views. Primary sources are the essential building blocks for the historian’s reconstruction of a moment in time.


Remember, a thesis states your position on your topic.

The activity of Roosevelt’s first “Hundred Days” in office helped restore public confidence by showing that the government was actively seeking to promote recovery. Each week, I will post questions to help guide your reading and to draw connections to the themes of the course.

Before you begin your research, it can help to rephrase the assignment in the form of questions you will need to answer. List them in your outline: Was the author trying to silence another audience?

rampolla thesis statement

Revised by Jane P. Although you may have found even more evidence to support your thesis, remember that you cannot include everything in a page paper.

Playing sports is really good for children. Develop a strong thesis statement. Relationship to Other Course Themes: Course Materials The following books are required for this class gampolla are available at local bookstores: Think about the following questions as you critically examine the source s:.

Limit yourself to the points you believe best support your thesis, in this case the four strongest points. You should also paraphrase to avoid overuse of quotations: If you have any questions, ask your professors about their expectations in this area.

rampolla thesis statement

How does the genre shape the author’s writing? In this case, you find two key pieces of evidence that partially contradicts your thesis.


A thesis is not a statement of fact. History – The Writing of History: Analysis of a visual source Readings Due: Roosevelt ordered the banks closed until auditors verified that they were solvent.

Produce complex, analytical, evidence-based arguments in the field tyesis history; 2. Always follow your professor’s specific guidelines before the general suggestions in this handout.

Reading and Writing about Primary Sources

Review the main points of evidence you will cover later in the paper to support your thesis. The “Bank Holiday” helped place the banking industry back on a sound footing. Gregory of Tours, The History of the Franks 2. If you will miss a class for religious or medical reasons, please notify me ahead of time. Was the document written in English or was rampo,la translated from another language?

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Also, use the thesis as the starting point of your outline, writing it at the top of your outline page. Blend brief, direct statements with longer, more complex sentences. Glean the theeis s for the essential information about the main characters, events, ideas, and arguments. The government created many programs to put Americans back to work.