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I went to PTPTN office to apply first class exemption, they checked my outstanding payment and gave me a form to fill up, I submitted documents and called them every week to check my status. Kindly submit the following documents: New Korean Member Group: How to Become a Scholar in 5 Steps Oct 23, Jan 22 , Labels School Life Sharing. I failed a 1 credit hour university subject before.

Labels School Life Sharing. Raffles University Johor Bahru. If you paid exceed amount it will deduce for the following month s. I have a question here. First Class confirmation letter if not recorded the word “First Class” on the Degree. Retry now Want to change your mobile number? Hi,if I finish study at January and my graduation is on October, should I apply the exemption now or after graduation?

Borrowers whose deferment has been approved but who wish to commence repayment earlier can for so and inform PTPTN through an official for.

official application letter for ptptn exemption

Have you decided about what to study next? Look at all my stars!! However, if you are obtaining bachelor degree with first class honouryou are offocial for repayment exemption! One of the most sought-after recruitment programmes with one of the most recognisable companies in the world has officially opened.


[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

I’m a recent graduate from MMU and this is very helpful. You can Email him via,mail urgentloan22 gmail. You have reached your verification call limit for today. And with the number of applications they receive, it may take more than that. Officizl you are interested in choose min. Is I qualify for the application? Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt Find out information about different Institutions and apply to them directly.

I’m Meo: My PTPTN First Class Exemption

Where else can i get? If you still haven’t attend your convocation, you still can’t start to apply, be patient until you’ve complete your convocation ya!

official application letter for ptptn exemption

Hi, DON’T ever terminate your loan. You’re better off submitting the documents on your own. Will the failure of any subject affects the scholarship conversion? May Ling 10 July, I am not a smart student. So now, let’s cut to zpplication chase!

Anonymous 26 July, Finally, I would also like to give my deepest appreciation to thanks all my lecturer, friend and family. Anonymous 15 April at I am now a successful business woman, and I became useful. An Area No Kishi!!! Hello world, it’s been long time I never blogging and now I’ve decided to come back here to do some useful sharing!


official application letter for ptptn exemption

Supposedly you are no longer eligible but no harm trying I guess? In this case, is the scholarship considered a sponsorship and will this inhibit me from successfully converting the loan to a scholarship??

Find out more in this blog post! Anonymous 24 June at I scored CGPA 3. Yes, provided that PTPTN financing education does not overlap with any other sponsorship at any semester during the course of study. Hey there, this post is very helpful to me.

Besides that, I was also wondering why my other friends agreement had stated the period with 3 years time or maybe more than which their course also with 3 years time So, I was thinking whether I can go for an appeal or any suggestion you all can give me?