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He also offered five extra vacation days to the person who provided the best examples of how they used tools and templates to manage their projects. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into. Recall that every project and every organization is unique, so not all project charters, stakeholder registers, etc. She discussed the problem with Erica, explaining the need for some custom development no matter which supplier they chose. Original and Actual Budget 5.

Chapter 3 TABLE Project charter continued Determine a way to measure the value of the intranet site in terms of reduced costs and new revenues, both during the project and one year after project completion. For complaints, use another form. Propose that environmental considerations be added to the list of strategic considerations. Erica planned to send the meeting minutes to all meeting participants and other appropriate stakeholders within a day or two of the meeting. Since this document would be public, Erica was careful not to include information that might be sensitive, such as how strongly the stakeholder supported the project, potential influence on the project, requirements and expectations, etc. Encourage everyone to participate in solving problems. Soon after the project team signed the project charter, Erica organized a team-building meeting for the Project Management Intranet Site Project.

Case Study: JWD Consulting s Project Management Intranet Site Project

Table provides the table of contents for the final project report. Erica reviewed the business case with Joe, and he agreed that the project was definitely worth pursuing. Excel files will be available for sample cost estimates and earned value management charts.

They apply to consultingg projects information technology and non-information technology and, along with the project management knowledge areas, help project managers see the big picture of managing a project in their particular organization.

JWD Consulting Case Project

The selection of projects for initiation, therefore, is crucial, as is the selection of project managers. If the project team procured items during the project, they must formally complete or close out all contracts.


Have the project manager facilitate all meetings and arrange for phone and video conferences, as needed. We ran into a couple of difficult situations, and Joe was very creative in helping us solve problems. Some of the information and features stuy the intranet site should prompt external users to pay for the information or service.

Main Project Success Criteria: RUP is an iterative software development process that focuses on team productivity and delivers software best practices to all team members. Joe Fleming, the CEO, wanted his company to continue to grow and become a worldclass consulting organization.

4 Case Study 1: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project – Tài liệu text

Initiating processes include defining and authorizing a project or project phase. Project Assessment Why did you do this project?

Table shows the resulting team contract, which took about 90 minutes to create. Chapter 3 there were different personalities on this team, but she conzulting they all could work together well. The CRM consultin day success programme. Applied Software Project Management Estimation http: As team members provided duration estimates, they also estimated how many work hours they would spend on each task.

Overview Project Managing Business Process Improvement Initiatives Gina Abudi Business process improvement initiatives prove to be some of the more challenging projects for project managers.

jwd consulting case study

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Continue work on intranet site construction Prepare draft contract for preferred supplier Develop new cost estimate for outsourced work What s going well and why: Joe made a few minor changes, which Erica incorporated.

Table provides an example of part of Erica s stakeholder management strategy for the Project Management Intranet Site project. All of the internal staff Joe and Erica recommended agreed to work on the project, and the two client representatives would be Kim Phuong and Page Miller.


Write a two-page paper summarizing your findings and opinions. Since this document would be public, Erica was careful not to include information that might be sensitive, such as how strongly the stakeholder supported the project, potential influence on the project, requirements and expectations, etc. Determine the scope, time, and cost constraints for the project Identify the project sponsor Select the project manager Consultiny a business case for a project Meet with the project manager to review the process and expectations for managing the project Determine if the project should consultinf divided into two or more smaller Projects As described in the opening case, the CEO of JWD Consulting, Joe Fleming, defined the highlevel scope of the project, and he wanted to sponsor it himself since it was his idea and it was of strategic importance to the business.

jwd consulting case study

Consulring Program More information. Within this section you will find suggested timelines for distributing. They received positive initial feedback from internal consultants and some caae their clients on the new intranet site.

All internal employees will have access to the entire intranet site when they enter their security information to access the main, corporate intranet. Templates related to this process group are also listed later in this chapter.

Review several of them, and look at examples of how they are used in this text. In this More information. A Case Study transition plan and a plan to analyze the benefits of the system each year in the final report.