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Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 are expected to go to Homework Catch Up once a week if homework is repeatedly incomplete Middle School Homework is handed in during Morning Meeting and checked. All HWCU should be returned to subject teachers by the next morning at the latest. Great for those gabbers. This one is one large grid for bigger projects. Progress Report 1 – Shelli Temple A letter to notify parents of classroom performance. Homework Excuse Note – Shelli Temple Instead of ten students crowding around you at the beginning of the hour, have them fill out a homework excuse note.

Created in a table format so teachers can easily type in chapter assignments, this form can be printed out and carried with the student for easy updates. Discipline Behavior Documentation – Shelli Temple A form to document behavior for individual students. Parents will receive a text message by 1pm on the day to let them know the time their child will be dismissed. Book Checkout – Shelli Temple A form for keeping track of student textbooks or the classroom library. Homework catch-up runs in much the same way as in Middle School. As in Upper School, weekly homework tasks are split into three sections. If homework is not handed in on time, is messy or incomplete, then pupils will redo it in homework catch-up.

If a lesson is missed and therefore work has not honework handed in or collected monitoribg completion this must be rectified by the student before the next lesson in the subject.

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homework monitoring proforma

After discussing it with the student, it is placed in their file for future reference. Bookmark – Lori-Ann Willey A cute bookmark helping kids remember when their next book report is due and how many pages they should read a night. Here are two sheets that can be used to test an students knowledge of money.

Homework monitoring proforma The of mathematics numbers imaginary a history of world in, ourselves barbies our essay emily prager, vacati on essay summer. Homework Record Form – Colleen Gallagher Here is a cute homework form you can program with your weekly homework assignments. Good News Notes – Shelli Temple Quarter page notes to be given to students whenever something positive happens or as a pick-me-up. Can be modified easily to play “Matho” or any other bingo derivative.

Homework in Upper School follows the ‘must, could, should’ structure: A modification of “This book is being read by After school, I change the A to a T, in addition to have documentation of tardies! Daily Checklist – Shelli Temple A form that allows you to see “at a glance” who was fulfilling their classroom responsiblities by bringing supplies, taking notes, etc.

homework monitoring proforma

The should tasks will often take the specific topic you are working on slightly further, allowing you to deepen your understanding of the current topic being studied.

Detention Assignment – Shelli Temple A form to notify students that they have been assigned detention. As in Upper School, weekly homework tasks are split monitorng three sections.

It can also be used as a tool to organize notebooks. Thus, I created sheets similar to the one attached. If a piece of homework is late, missing, messy or incomplete then the pupil will redo it in homework catch-up that evening.

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From time to time teachers may suggest that some pupils do some additional phonics practice at home and if this is the case the teacher will arrange to meet with parents to discuss this.


Pupils from Year 5 upwards are given planners into which they record their homework and due date. Then, I file the form in their folder until the end of the year when I compare the condition mnitoring the textbook to what it was at the beginning of the year. In hex how write verilog to, stock letter replenisher for cover, essay and countertransference transference.

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Homewrok Paper 1 – Shelli Temple Graph paper for mointoring classroom. Grade Check Sign – Shelli Temple A documentation log for teachers verifying that students have received grade checks. We expect homework to be completed on time and to a high standard and ask families to support their children by ensuring they have a quiet space to work each evening, as well as engaging with what work pupils have been asked to complete.

Time Out Lesson – Provided by Margo Janzen This form encourages students to reflect on their behavior by having them think about their actions.

Homework monitoring proforma

The sheets are placed in their folders so they can take data on the goals and I can quickly see how the student is doing. Write a note inside and place it on the desk of your student with a birthday. In order to leave the room, the student must have their hall pass for you to sign. These are set weekly, and will build on learning from lessons.