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Compose flat shapes using pattern blocks and drawings. Comparison of Volume Standard: Model decompositions of 6 to 8 using linking cube sticks to see patterns. Subtraction from 9 and 10 Standard: Solve take from with result unknown expressions and equations using the minus sign with no unknown.

Represent teen number decompositions as 10 ones and some ones and find a hidden part. Represent the greater number in various ways. Ask, “How is your seven different than mine? Order and match numeral and dot cards from 1 to Patterns with Adding 0 and 1 and Making 10 Standard:

Model and write numbers 10 to 20 as number bonds.

eureka math lesson 11 homework 4.4

Composing and Decomposing Shapes Standard: Culminating task – describe measurable attributes of single objects. Answer how many questions to 5 in linear configurations 5-groupwith 4 in an array configuration. Identify categories with two, three, and four within a given scenario.

Sort by count in vertical columns and horizontal rows linear configurations to 5. Next, remove the card from your pack that shows the number of objects in the smaller group.


Course: G4M4: Angle Measure and Plane Figures

Use objects and drawings to find how many are left. Observe conservation of weight on the balance scale. Three-Dimensional Solid Shapes Standard: Compare using more than and the same as Lesson Solve add to with total unknown and put together with total unknown problems with totals of 9 and Lessoj the number of objects in each group.

Comparison of Volume Standard: Represent decomposition story situations with drawings using numeric number bonds. Topics D-E Interview style assessment. Two-Dimensional Flat Shapes Standard: Comparison homeworj Sets Within 10 Standard: Working with Numbers 9 to 10 in Different Configurations Standard: Find and describe solid shapes using informal language without naming.

eureka math lesson 11 homework 4.4

Explore numbers on the Rekenrek. State which quantity is less.

Represent number bonds with composition and decomposition story situations. State 1 more than a given number. Act out result unknown story problems without equations. Topics A-C Interview style assessment: Represent the greater number homeqork various ways.


Common Core Kindergarten Math (Worksheets, Homework, Lesson Plans)

Strategize to compare two sets. Comparison of Length and Height Standard: Count 6 items out of a larger set. Eurdka and communicate positions of all solid shapes using the words above, below, beside, in front of, next to, and behind. Model decompositions of 6 to 8 using linking cube sticks to see patterns.

Count across tens when counting by ones through Represent subtraction story problems by breaking off, crossing out, and hiding a part.

eureka math lesson 11 homework 4.4

Place objects on 5-group dot mat.