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Next, MG coded all of the transcripts using Atlas. A decade of progress. The rains were usually at night. Another important area that warrants mention is infectious disease. Am J Clin Nutr.

With much in the balance, CARE Indonesia remains committed to monitoring the situation while responding to the needs of needy households in selected program areas CARE Indonesia’s East Timor sub-office has received reports of severe food shortages on Atuaro Island. Then we would add in what they gave us [the bleach]. Responding to slippage in the livelihood security of affected communities is a challenge that requires a preparedness and mitigation strategy in the context of a holistic humanitarian and development perspective. This assistance came soon after the strong rains began within one month and only once a state of emergency had been declared , was brought in by land when possible and by helicopter in most cases, and was so meaningful to participants that many remembered the complete names of the individuals that visited their communities on behalf of these programs. They would try to sleep in the sand, but it was all destroyed.

Table 2 Focus group participants in five study communities. We used the river to transport them to Tumbes, to the market in Tumbes.

el nino 1997-8 case study

The fires have burned more than one million acres and severely affected visibility and air quality in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. El Nino and the dynamics of vectorborne disease transmission.

Diet and access to food Access to food paralleled access to assistance: The water bladders provided potable water to approximately 1, families. Some households have sold most, or all, of their small and large animals; fl numbers are migrating in search of work and reports of land sales for money to purchase food are increasing. People go to Ecuador to work.


Anecdotal evidence continues to jino a decreasing ability of the population to cope with the drop in food and livelihood security. Drought – Sep Content format: Why do you think this happened? Large portions of the Dadaab refugee camps and surrounding towns were submerged requiring the relocation of residents, control of overflowing latrines and efforts to offset the potential for disease from contamination of well water sources.

el nino 1997-8 case study

For example, my father had malaria and typhoid [fever]. Other countries Papua New Guinea.

The – El Niño as an unforgettable phenomenon in northern Peru: a qualitative study

CARE also provided enough rehydration medication and antibiotics to treat about 1, cases of cholera. This was certainly not the case in the current study, where these vase emerged spontaneously and quickly, affirming the strong impact of such events on community members. Drought conditions in Central America have aggravated the effects of slash and burn agriculture in forest and grassland areas, leaving thousands of fires burning out of control.

el nino 1997-8 case study

In Cerro Blanco and El Oidor, only technical personnel were available at the local health establishment, with a doctor available 1—2 days per week in the case of El Oidor. Peru is divided into 25 regions or administrative divisions.

And with the risk that they [the transporters] would 1997-8. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Disasters. All participants expressed how difficult it was to reach any location outside of their communities.

Until the entire phenomenon was finished, it [the agriculture] remained dead… Before the phenomenon, not everything died and there was something to take [to the market]. The 45 focus group participants were fairly equally distributed across the five communities, with 7—10 participants from each place.


El Niño in Impacts and CARE’s Response – World | ReliefWeb

The floods caused extensive damage to crops, both in the field and in stores, as well as losses of large numbers of livestock. Another study interviewed 32 community members from urban areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh about the challenges they faced and coping strategies they developed during two months of atypical severe flooding.

Important community events in five study communities, — Source: The data were analyzed using a thematic approach. The town got organized.

El Niño in 1997-1998: Impacts and CARE’s Response

An important contrast between El Palmo and Isla Noblecilla is that residents of Isla Noblecilla were able to fish more and therefore ate more fish than the residents of El Palmo. Focus group participants, Rica Playa, Not typically isolated in rainy season It is important to note that in all five communities, despite lack of access to food, people emphasized that they did not eat the meat of sick animals since they knew that that could bring human illness.

By hand… He would hold their hand and guide them as they walked. Cholera dynamics and El Nino-Southern Oscillation.

Of the fifty, how many? Did the two of them stay to live here? All sessions were audio-recorded and participant responses, including the inno and the responses about the specific topic areas, were also recorded on large sheets of paper that were hung on the wall and visible to all participants. Numerous measures were implemented to facilitate this recall.