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Febbraio Awards Honorary professor. Tasmowski eds Clitic Doubling in the Balkan Languages. Indefinite determiners in central Italian dialects Workshop: Prima giornata di grammatica tedesca. Training course for members of University Equal Opportunity committees. Inflected prepositions or indefinite determiners. On the Syntax-phonology interface.

The Cartography of Syntactic Structures Action of some proteic and sugar components of Symphytum officinale upon normal and neoplastic cells, A. Biochemical changes in rat testis induced in vitro by reactive oxygen species. The structure of quantified NPs. Fundamental research and the Italian language: In co-teaching con Lucia Tovena. Pescarini eds Proceedings of the Italian Dialects Meeting.

The Syntax of Italian Dialects. Eur J Neurosci 23, German Infinitivals with zu. Mouton de Gruyter II Preventive inhibition of primary and secondary in vivo antibody response, J-Ch.

Seminar 8 hours MA zdgrean in Linguistics. Che cosa significa il linguaggio di genere. Giuliana Giusti, cotutor prof. Reuland eds Issues in Germanic Syntax. Second Workshop on Balkan linguistics. La sintassi dei sintagmi nominali quantificati.


Staniceanu, Virchows Arch Suppl 1: Antonio Civardi La Variazione linguistica. Per una cartografia delle categorie funzionali PRIN- project meeting.

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Europass CV Monica Neagu oct In co-teaching con Lucia Zegrea. Prima giornata di grammatica tedesca. Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics: A case for the Eastern Romance varieties spoken in Croatia. AG 13 Adjective Order: The acquisition of the article at the interfaces.

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Linguistic metacognition and cureiculum e -learning. Mechanistic understanding of nanoparticles’ interactions with extracellular matrix: Indefinite determiners in Italo-Romance: Mechanisms in photodynamic therapy: Organization of national and international conferences 1. Free-not-so-free adjectival order in Latin.

The Bulgarian Accademy of Sciences, Sofia. Febbraio — marzo The functional structure of Noun Phrases. Host reactivity to graft, tumor and infection, Chapter 41, p.

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Comparative syntax of Germanic languages 20 hours. Enrolled in Foreign Languages and Literatures. Giornata di studio ItalAnt.

curriculum vitae zegrean

The acquisition of adjectival ordering.