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Log In Sign Up. Tradition and Modernity in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinaren institut i Zemjodelski fakultet, Skopje. Haematological parameters and blood chemistry of West African Dwarf goat tethered at three different radii Orderer: Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, www. Investment Programme for creating a farm with sheep

BAH , 27 Macedonia Prentovic Tatjana, Djabirski V. Public Enterprise for Pastures, Blvd: Some production traits of the new imported East-Friesian sheep in Macedonia Event: Sovetuvawe organizirano od Fondot na Federacijata, Ohrid. Body condition score of Egyptian Ossimi ewes is more important for reproduction than their body weights Orderer:

Regional Conference of Sheep and Goat Breeding Petrovska, Tamara Isjanovska Quality features of the milk of F1 generation curricu,um of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Sardinian breeds. Borovets, Bulgaria Pacinovski N.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

Conditions, prospectives and needs for Improving sheep production in the Makedojski of Macedonia Lecturer: Alexandar Makedonski, BB, 8. Center for Development of the East Planning Region, str.

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Assistant Professor Bulletin No. Associated Professor Decision No.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

Here’s a glimpse at how it looks click to enlarge: Morphology and Patology of Udder on Ruminants Address: Ispituvanje ekonomskog efekta mlekovita kao zamena majcinog mleka kod ishrane jagnjadi.


Estimation of genetic parameters and variance components of pre-weaning growth traits in Barki lambs Orderer: WAV normalization sequential naming naming. Received recognition on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Union of Associations of Technical Culture Macedonia Eftimova Elena, Pacinovski N.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

Kliment Ohridski” in BitolaMajor Subject: Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: Slow Food — Macedonia, Bitola, Macedonia 4. Management of the nw and reproductive process for optimatization of the production at specialized breeds of sheep International project of Institute of Animal Science-Skopje with Institute of Animal Science-Kostinbrod, Sofiaapprove by Ministry of Science of Bulgaria Pacinovski, N.

Genetic parameters for total lactation yields of milk, fat, protein and somatic cell score in New Zealand dairy goats Orderer: Programme for creating of dairy sheep breeds nucleus Authors: Ministry of Education and Science, str.

Balcan Domestic, Macedonian goat breed Lecturer: Member of the Organizing Committee Organizer: Review of the achieved results in the pig production of the Republic of Macedonia Orderer: Impact of oxytocin-milking method on lactation performance and lactation length of sheep Orderer: Trajkovski 55 In situ and Ex situ gene conservation of domestic animals in the Republic of Macedonia Book of Abstracts of 5th Congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia with international participation, pp.


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Suckling period and milk productivity of the sheep from Bulgarian Dairy Synthetic population Orderer: Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol. Alexandar Makedonski, BB, The accuracy of Makdeonski and AC methods for determining lactation in control day in threefold milking of Awassi The gain and slaughter values of the lambs crossbreeds between the Chios rams and the Domestic merinized sheep bred on pasture Ist Symposium of livestock production with international participation, May, Struga, Macedonia Pacinovski, N.

,akedonski in biochemical and hematological parameters and metabolic hormones in ewes blood during the early lactation 2.