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One of Sims’ first observations at Ancol’s Shepparton plant was that relations between employees and management were strained. He also lacked communication with the union, as well as higher management. He needs to implement a productivity monitoring system, which can track the production of each employee. Instead, a letter of reprimand was placed in the employee’s personnel file. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

Failed to understand the competence level of the supervisors and their current roles and responsibilities prior to implementing the process Failed to discuss with payroll and understanding possible effects of operational decisions causing problems within other departments. What are the background facts, problems and symptoms of the problems that suggest that something has gone wrong? The main issue revolved around the lack of communication and competency of the management at the beginning. Discuss the consequences of the time clock removal on Ancol’s effectiveness as an organisation, using any two of the perspectives of organisational effectiveness. Employees did not want these letters to become a permanent record, so they filed grievances with their labour union.

case study ancol ltd

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. However, this required yet more time and additional skills from the supervisors.

case study ancol ltd

Taking a page from a recent executive seminar that he attended on building trust in the workplace, Sims ordered the removal of all time clocks from the plant.

Did not discuss his decision with higher management, or the workers union. The constraint to this alternative is that training or hiring new management is time consuming and costly, xncol trust would have to be fostered between the new hires. In this process, a new relationship would be built between both parties and workplace productivity and happiness would increase.


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A limited time offer! Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Moreover, the increased absenteeism levels were beginning to have a noticeable effect on plant productivity.

The central issue at the Jonquiere Ancol Ltd. He should also keep an open communication with the Union and report those employees that have misused. This action brought an onset of negative consequences that ultimately led to a further diminishing of relations between the employees and management, accounting issues due to lack of accountability, and problems between the union and Ancol Ltd; All of these issues decreased productivity in the factory.

Wu explained that the previous Christchurch plant manager had done something like that with similar consequences six or seven years ago. The new manager should have tried to understand why relations between employees and management were strained in the first place. Simard should have attempted to understand the implications of removing the time clocks in the factory. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

What solutions can you suggest?

Ancol Ltd.

After just a few months, Ancol ltx it necessary to add another supervisor position and reduce the number of employees assigned to each supervisor.

In order to establish this, his first move was to remove the clock system for employees to record their shift reports. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The idea behind this was that employees will be able to work much freely; realizing management has put certain level of trust in them. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?


Anckl, and his staff, lacked the insight to effectively find a solution that would provide a holistic approach in solving the already apparent strained relations between the supervisors and employees. I strictly believe, it is still Mr.

case study ancol ltd

Employees resented the reprimands, syudy relations with supervisors deteriorated. At the onset of his work term, Simard should have sought to understand why there was a rift between the employees and management. If he had communicated with his senior management team and employees about the time clocks and its possible consequences, perhaps he would have found a better approach.

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Case Study Option 3. Did not do enough research to identify if similar approach was taken in the past within the organization or elsewhere, and identify whether there was any business risks associated with his decision.

Nine months after removing the time clocks, Paul Sims met with union officials, who agreed that it would be better to put the time clocks back in. Although, this was a positive intention from Mr. Simard should have carefully analyzed the situation prior to making the decision that led to such folly.

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