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These are qualified ACCA young professionals impacting lives. Hence financial gearing seems backed by adequate operating cash flow generation capacity and a strong financial structure. The worldwide automotive market is highly competitive and very volatile; the competitive arena is characterised by players facing intense competition all around the world; further, competition is likely to increase in the future as soon as new players coming from emerging countries will start to operate outside their national borders Toyota, Toyota also has the opportunity to offer higher quality products that meet or exceed the requirements based on environmental laws. Secondly, Internet is known to provide misleading and conflicting information and thus reliability becomes an issue. Interest Burden which accounted significantly.

It would help to understand how companies in automotive industry operate. In – Toyota profitability, according to Ebitda improved as a result of operational efficiencies related to savings in the supply of spare parts and the adoption of lean management techniques. The main points were related to positive incidence on non-operating incomes e. In any case the inventory turnover is quite low and this reveals that both companies should not have issues related to the sale of out of market products. Nissan annual reports ,, Retrived online from http:

Method of Collecting Information and their Limitations 1. In addition, free trade agreements involving Japan and other countries in which Toyota operates can increase oxfod market penetration. My project was monitored and reviewed effectively leading to an A grade.

bsc oxford brookes acca thesis topics

My project was properly reviewed before submission and when the result was released I got a C grade which gave me a second class. Strategy and business aspects will allow appreciating the impact of the organization and external factors that have affected the performance of the company.

Bsc oxford brookes acca thesis

Interest Burden which accounted significantly. This analysis model helps strategic managers understand the various competitive forces that influence the success or failure of a company.


Should be Toyota considered a potential target for other automotive companies or thssis be a potential actor driving a further consolidation of the industry?

These factors are important elements of business performance and thus the published corporate information is limited in this aspect. At this time, accq risk is very low.

However, the company must deal with the threat of cybercrime, including corporate cyber espionage. Reason for Choosing Topic and Company 1.


The table discloses the factors behind this growth, explaining how the largest contribution to growth was attributable to price mix.

Toyota Financial Results, Toyota is currently pursuing strategies to optimize production costs thanks to lean management strategies May, High profitability on sales could not be related to efficiency in the use of capital and hence low value generation could occur since the company would pay a higher cost for its non-efficient use of capital.

Today consumers are more aware of the negative effects air pollution caused by cars and they are more likely to buy new hybrid and electric cars that emit less pollutants – Increasing fuel prices.

In the company reduced its unfunded pension liability by about Yen billion as a result of an increase in pension assets bookes to an increase in equity security prices, which was able to counterbalance the increase in the pension liability obligation due to the decline of the discount rate. Toyota had quite a few large-scale vehicle recalls over the past few years.

bsc oxford brookes acca thesis topics

Thanks to good operational cash flow generation, despite important organic investments, Toyota was able to maintain a stable and satisfactory dividend pay-out policy with a limited financial gearing and very low risks concerning liquidity and solvency.

I sincerely appreciate their wealth of knowledge.


Bsc oxford brookes acca thesis

I was awarded with upper second class honours. With OBUTraining, there is no cause for alarm in passing your project with good grade! These provisions have increased during as a result new provision estimates. This would help to understand how this company is defending its competitive advantage over other competing players. In addition, government support for eco-friendly products is an opportunity for the company to raise sale volumes thanks to the features of its hybrid cars Martin and Fernando, Qualitative interpretation of quantitative analysis In the period Toyota financial performance was characterized by a strong increase in sales thanks to almost stable volumes sold, higher price mix and some contribution by exchange rate fluctuations.

According to disclosure in the notes page the assets of the Associates cover the liabilities; hence no significant potential risks are disclosed in these notes. I would like to say, it is in deed an A project but I got c because it’s my second attempt.


It does not provide a priority significance of these factors and the real impact of each factor to the organization hence lacking clarity. Thie creates some issues in the competitive positioning against a global leader such as GM who has a great market share in these countries.

bsc oxford brookes acca thesis topics

It was the third and last time submitting the project. Disadvantages of SWOT analysis: Thank you Sir for your help. Toyota Motor Corporation, http: On the basis of my professional training, I have incorporated the same principles in creating this performance analysis report.