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He had two IMHO equally reasonable options: Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy This site uses cookies. Picking up Ice Margins of Safety: To reduce the potential for misunderstanding, the landing clearance shall include the designator of the landing runway. This helped incite panic on the pilots part and the pilot entered an accelerated stall too low for CAPS to help. Maybe it was a really crap recording.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has amended the previous provision of the same name for to extend transition period until 20 June Ultimately the lower aircraft on approach had the right of way so ‘1DA had no reason to speak up as they were in the right. Would be too interesting to see what will happen with that controller…. Denmark Norway and Sweden – ban on N-reg long term parking. This means you can’t add a response.

AOPA Accident Case Study: Communication Breakdown

We had a similar thing here a year or two ago at Southend EGMCwhere a student pilot crashed when asked to orbit. Here’s an aircraft in this case, ‘1DA on final approach for landing on zopa towered airport, when another aircraft ‘4SR is cleared to enter the traffic pattern, and gets cleared to land before they turn base, without ATC mentioning the aircraft already on final. Picking up Ice Margins of Safety: This is no rocket science.

But for some here unimportant reason, ATC fails to do so.


The pilot had elected to do a “slam dunk”, cae in approach rather than the normal pattern probably intending to land long so there was less of a roll-outwas at a high approach speed and likely in communicatiin rush, with get-there-itis.

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Accident Case Study: Communication Breakdown – AOPA Live This Week – AOPA Live Video Gallery

Sign up using Email and Password. Emergency Management Accident Case Study: I would have probably done the latter, acckdent I would have been already halfway there having turned right a bit. No need to wonder anymore. StephenS StephenS 5, 1 9 Angle of Attack Indicators Margins of Safety: He had two IMHO equally reasonable options: I wonder if the accident pilot was distracted by his passengers — for his hours, at his home base, he was cxse aware of the traffic situation.

Just watched this video… I could not understand most of the radio comms and would have had difficulty flying to that airport. Meanwhile, ‘1DA was making sure they see ‘4SR as maintaining visual separation was their safest fallback solution and they did see them as they confirm to tower they saw the ‘4SR’s fatal manoeuvre. Delayed Reaction Accident Case Study: Instead 4SR understood that as “land now” and turned immediately to base, which was very wrong.


Accident Case Study: Final Approach –

Threads possibly related to this one A busy week ahead. Not only in the US. Stabilized Communicatioon Takeoffs and Landings 4: Last Edited by dublinpilot at 23 Dec Normal Takeoffs Takeoffs and Landings 5: This SR22 pilot was not a student but was probably right on his workload limit.

aopa accident case study communication breakdown

According to the information provided, this was reasonably experienced pilot, with lots of hours in make and model, flying a very simple VFR approach to his home airport. Now…nobody should stall and spin an aircraft in a traffic avoidance maneuver, BUT …the previous controller mistake is totally obvious here.


This is a good example of why we require RT discipline anf brealdown phraseology. If reduced runway separation minima 7. Was That For Us?

aopa accident case study communication breakdown

It seems to me that besides the obvious of maintaining situational awareness, there were several rather obvious options available here:. The services will continue without interruption and will be further developed and improved.