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The standards and objectives progress through the grade levels in a spiraling nature. Use class time productively Balance school and other activities to meet obligations Develop academic and personal goals Control emotions Identify and manage resources Practice and model internet etiquette. Authority of teachers and other school personnel; exclusion of students having infectious diseases; suspension or expulsion of disorderly students; corporal punishment abolished. Maintain focus on work tasks Ask for feedback and respond appropriately Use negotiation skills Interact appropriately with team members Act as a responsible and respected representative of the school Encourage positive habits in self and others. This data review may include but not be limited to the following outcome and process data sets: Whatever school supplies are deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of a school system and are an integral and fundamental part of elementary and secondary education must be provided free of charge to all students, such as textbooks, paper, writing implements and computers if their use is part of the curriculum.

Demonstrate knowledge of how social norms affect decision making and behavior. Parent, family and community involvement at early childhood, middle and adolescent levels is absolutely fundamental to an effective system of public education. County board policies and procedures must include guidelines for school level implementation. Set post-secondary goals with action steps, timeframes and criteria for evaluating achievement. Include the following minimum policy components: Competence in the use of these skills is promoted in the context of safe and supportive school, family and community learning environments in which students feel valued, respected, connected to and engaged in learning.

Students do not have a constitutional right against self-incrimination when being questioned by school officials or PRO Officers acting under the supervision of school officials who are investigating school related misconduct. Set post-secondary goals with action steps, timeframes and criteria for evaluating achievement.

wvde homework policy

Fees may be required to help support the cost of extra-curricular activities; however, the fees should be kept to a minimum in order to further equal opportunity for participation regardless of economic status.

Each suspension or expulsion imposed upon a student under the authority of this section shall be recorded in WVEIS.

An electronic act, policg, transmission or threat includes but is not limited to one which is administered via telephone, wireless phone, computer, pager or any electronic or wireless device whatsoever, and includes but is not limited hoework transmission of any image or voice, email or text message using any such device. Each county board of education shall have approved policies and procedures for implementing Policy Post notice of the county policy in any student handbook, and in any county board publication that sets forth the comprehensive rules, procedures and standards of conduct for the school.


If the principal finds polocy disciplinary action is warranted, he or she shall provide written and, if possible, telephonic notice of the action to the parent sguardian s or custodian s.

wvde homework policy

Definitions — Level 4. School Access Safety Act. All entities must work collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate a systemic approach to shaping the valued dispositions polocy students must have as they develop into active, respectful and responsible citizens.

Nurturing Success

A student will not haze or conspire to engage in the hazing of another person. However, ploicy items have been included in policy since its last adoption in because these items are not appropriate to have at school; however, it is not necessary to impose the Level 4 consequence which would be in conflict with the statute.

The expectations outlined in these regulations apply in public schools in West Virginia during any education-sponsored event, whether in a classroom, elsewhere on school premises, on a school bus or other vehicle used for a school related event, or at a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not it is held on school premises, in a building or other property used or operated by a county board of education, Regional Education Service Agency RESAWVDE, West Virginia Board of Education or in another facility or upon any other property being used by any of these agencies.

Racial violence is a physical act of aggression or assault upon another because of, or in a manner reasonably related to, race. Using any word, phrase, written symbol or gesture that intentionally identifies a student as a member of gang, or otherwise symbolizes support of a gang.

Nurturing Success – West Virginia Department of Education

Accept responsibility for behaviors Participate in school-wide and community service hommework Choose appropriate behavior when confronted with various options. Develop a model policy applicable to grades kindergarten through twelfth and disseminate by September 1, Explain how individual, social and cultural differences may increase vulnerability to bullying, identify ways to address it and analyze the effects of taking action to oppose bullying based on individual and group differences.

Starting with the school year, each school shall annually send notice home to uomework parents and guardians of students at the school alerting the parents and guardians to the existence of the crisis response plan and the ability to review a redacted copy at the offices of the county board.

wvde homework policy

Both are essential for building and maintaining positive relationships that are essential to success in school and life. Law enforcement notification if warranted. Language has also been added to utilize school climate evaluation data to advocate for additional resources and community partnerships that support meaningful interventions.


Identify verbal, physical and situational cues that indicate how others may feel and describe policu expressed feelings and perspectives of others.

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Accept natural consequences for behavior Use appropriate conflict resolution skills Use refusal skills to resist peer pressure.

The table of contents will be updated after all revisions have been either accepted or rejected and all pagination is final. A principal shall suspend a student from school, or from transportation to or from the school on any school bus, if the student, in the determination of the principal after an informal hearing, has committed: The purpose of these regulations is to provide schools with policy that creates and ensures an orderly and safe environment that is conducive to learning.

Analyze how positive adult role models and support systems contribute to school and life success. School systems cannot provide all of the resources and intervention services that may be required to meet the more severe behavioral needs of students or to address high need concerns within a specific community. Keep the current crisis response plan of each school in the county on file and, unless otherwise provided for, provide a copy of each school’s crisis response plan to each local emergency response agency that has a role in the plan.

Policy Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools

Berkeley County Schools, F. Local emergency response agencies that maintain a copy of the plan shall provide the same necessary safeguards wvve the information in the plan; Make available to the public, upon request, a redacted copy of a school crisis response plan with any information removed that is necessary for compliance with the necessary safeguards. Apply conflict resolution skills within a ho,ework. Advocate for self and others Give affirmations to support others Express dissatisfaction in appropriate ways Exercise civic responsibility through participation in student government activities.

Policyin A student will not threaten verbal or written or attempt to injure another student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel.