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This acknowledgement must include the name of the editor and a brief description of the type of editing services provided this description should be provided by the editor and should be included in the ” Acknowledgements ” section fo the from matter. Minimum completion deadlines as well as information on holidays can be found on the degree completion deadlines page. You cannot upload to UWSpace until you have obtained this e-mail. Required The thesis should have only one abstract , located within the Front matter in the order indicated here. Select a time, date, and location — The student and the supervisor will select a time, date, and book a location for the defence that is amendable to the schedules of the committee members and EE. These pages, if applicable, must appear as the last page of the front matter, immediately before the main body of the thesis Text main body – footnotes or endnotes may be included in the text. Doctoral theses can take various forms.

The University acknowledges the student’s ownership of all rights with respect to such software except as follows: Delegates are no longer accepted. In many instances it will be advisable for supervisors to impose a more restrictive level of editing. Monday, August 20, – Monday, September 4, Fall Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

This is a true copy of the thesis, including any required final revisions, as accepted by my examiners.

Back to top Editing of graduate theses The University of Waterloo expects that graduate theses, regardless of subject area, will meet appropriate standards of clarity and coherence in written English or in some cases, French or German. Order of items The organizational sequence must uwatefloo as follows: Employee Directory Contact Waterloo Engineering. Wider margins, as part of an overall graphic design, are acceptable.


Do not include page numbers on blank pages but ensure that the page is accounted for in the overall numbering of pages.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

The University of Waterloo will only consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis prior to its publication in UWSpace. Please note that if you do not follow the most up-to-date guide precisely, your thesis will be rejected by the Graduate Studies Office and UWSpace.

Student makes the necessary change to their thesis — Ideally, the student will complete any changes to their thesis within a month after their defence.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

The University will not consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis following its deposit to UWSpace, unless a student’s interests e. The GSPA thesis information website: Please see the following additional sample title pages for specific programs:.

Procedures for Master of Applied Science (MASc) Thesis Submission/Seminar

Current university requirements regarding formatting and submitting the thesis on UWSpace are available through the Graduate Studies Office. Revisions must be made and the updated thesis resubmitted to UWSpace for final approval.

Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. This means that your readers might not be signing off on your Department Approval of MASc Thesis form until a week or two after your display period has ended. Minimum completion deadlines as well as information on holidays can be found on the degree completion deadlines page. Once any revisions requested have been completed to their satisfaction, take your Department Approval of MASc Thesis form to each of your readers for them to sign, indicating that they have given you their feedback and the final copy of your thesis is ready for upload to UWSpace.


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If a student does need to register in a subsequent term, the tuition refund schedule outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar applies e. If there are any changes in the thesis title, the please inform MGO as the thesis may become rejected from UW Space otherwise.

Copies of other students’ theses should not be used as a guide in preparing the thesis. Show sub-menu Why Engineering? Your thesis must be uploaded and approved by a specified date before convocation.

Degree Completion Deadlines

Conversely, a supervisor can choose not to permit the use of a professional editor. Best practice is that co-authors do not form the majority of the examining committee for doctoral theses or, the reading or examining committee for master’s theses.

In order for the thesis to meet the standards of the University of Waterloo, it must be organized as follows. All pages in Text main body and back matter must be numbered consecutively. In some circumstances, however, it may be determined that a professional editor should be employed.

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Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. A serif typeface is recommended for the main text e. If the thesis includes copyrighted material, letters of copyright permission may be required. Important dates and deadlines. Dealine What kind of engineer are you? This includes the title page. Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.