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Women’s experiences in relationships with men: We recommend doing so before you submit your thesis to the Graduate College. Graduate College Thesis Requirements. Prepare required deposit items In addition to your thesis, you will need to submit supporting items in order to complete your deposit. Pay the deposit fee, which will appear in your Self-Service account shortly after your deposit is complete. Check with your department regarding policies and procedures. Your deposit must be completed by the deadline for your intended graduation period.

We also offer basic full-document templates to help you begin formatting your work. You can download a title page template on the title page requirements page. Deposit fee Upon completion of your deposit, your student account will be charged a deposit fee. However, please note that the thesis should be submitted to the Graduate College only after the thesis has been formatted according to Graduate College requirements see Stage 1 , and has received departmental approval see Stage 2. Request a Degree Certification Letter if needed Prior to the date of degree conferral, a student may need verification that he or she has completed all requirements for the degree e.

The Graduate College Thesis Office can only verify thesis deposit; under no circumstances will the Thesis Office issue a statement of degree completion. Questions regarding these policies should be addressed to the Graduate College Fellowship Office. Main Text Figures, tables, or other illustrative material.

In most cases, format reviews will be performed within two or fewer business days of the latter of either a submission of the electronic document or b confirmation of departmental approval.

Deposit Checklist | The Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Some features of this site may not work without it. Links to the required supporting items deposiit available here. Because further revision of the thesis may be required as a result of the Thesis Office’s review, the Graduate College strongly recommends that students submit the departmentally approved thesis at least one week in advance of the deposit deadline in order to ensure themselves enough time to complete any required changes.


Diplomas are mailed to graduates approximately 9 weeks after the degree conferral. See the Release Options page for detailed information about those choices.

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Appendix or Appendices optional. All corrections and additional materials xeposit be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5: We also offer basic full-document templates to help you begin formatting your work.

However, your deposit is not complete until all required items have been received in satisfactory condition.

Thesis Submission FAQs

A note on departmental requirements This list describes only Graduate College requirements for student theses. Local copy shops can make softcover copies. Arrange for a format review with your department.

uiuc thesis deposit

You may also check the status of our review of your thesis at any time by returning to your submission profile via the link provided above. To change your release option with ProQuest, contact their Author Relations department directly at ext. Also note that any supplemental appendix files must be reviewed and approved by your director of research and committee, and those files will also be available in IDEALS according to the release option you choose.

Participate in commencement For information about participation in the campuswide ceremonies and convocations sponsored by colleges, schools, or departments, contact the Commencement Office at or vist their webpage. The Thesis Office will not review your submission until we have received notification of departmental approval.

Stage 3 of the Thesis Process: Graduate College Approval

If you wish to send your dissertation to ProQuest, agree to the ProQuest publishing agreement during step 2. After your deposit is complete, review our Post-deposit Considerations. These sections are generally not necessary, and the Thesis Office advises students who are interested in a quick review with few or no corrections requested to leave these sections out of the thesis or dissertation.


If you have supplemental appendix files for your thesis video, audio, data ddposit, etc. Can I make changes or revisions after my thesis is accepted?

Graduate College Thesis Deadlines

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign confers graduate degrees in over units, and many of these departments have additional, discipline-specific format requirements. Women’s experiences in relationships with men: Collection Statistics Statistics Report. The Graduate College does not accept emailed or hard copy thesis submissions for review or deposit.

All corrections and additional materials must be received in satisfactory condition by the Thesis Office no later than 5: Fellowship and Assistantship Appointments Students holding fellowships must notify the Graduate College Fellowship Office in advance of thesis deposit. If you want to have copies of your thesis bound for yourself, your family, or your adviser, you will need to procure them independently.

Save yourself the stress of a last-minute thesis submission and start planning now! For each graduation period, there is a deadline by which the thesis ujuc with the Graduate College Thesis Office must be completed.

To create your thesis submission profile and submit your thesis to the Graduate College Thesis Office for review, click on the link below.