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It is very important that you attend lectures and computer practicals – all the DIS courses are technical ones and it is important that you practise in the practical sessions the new material covered in that week’s lecture. If an indicative mark is offered for a formative component, this may be on the Numeric OR Letter Grade Scale as it does not contribute to the module mark. Skills and Access 5. For this reason students are required to submit all coursework by the published deadline date and time. Students are expected to visit the course information page on a regular basis during the term that the module is taught. Your attention is drawn to the UCL policy on plagiarism.

Condonement , the Programme may also determine that one or more components within that module are Non-condonable must be passed. There is apparent difficulty in beginning to address questions and issues not previously encountered. Dates for submission of coursework are included with the coursework instructions themselves. A good piece of work, showing a sound and thorough grasp of the subject matter, though possibly lacking in the breath and depth required for an A grade. The UCL Pass Mark represents the minimum, threshold standards which students must meet in order to pass a module, progress through their programme and be awarded a degree. The level of understanding, expression and structure is very inadequate.

Work may contain some errors, and technical competence is at a routine level only. Computation and the Humanities: Condonementthe Programme may also determine that one or more components within that module are Non-condonable must be passed.


Ovrelength submitted coursework that has a maximum length specified, the following procedures will apply: These regulations should be read in conjunction with the remainder of this Chapter.

Penalties for overlength essays

If you are unable to attend due to illness etc. A programme must use a single marking scale across all summative components and modules so that module marks Section 3. There couesework no evidence of ability to reflect critically on an argument or viewpoint. Assessment tasks must enable students to demonstrate the extent to which they have attained and exceeded the intended learning outcomes. Coursework deadlines Dates for submission of coursework are included with the coursework instructions themselves.

The coursework submission page is used to upload your coursework and you will receive your provisional mark and feedback via that page. However there are additional considerations and risks involved in managing digital assessments. Each undergraduate DIS overrlength has two Moodle pages:.

Section 3: Module Assessment | Academic Manual – UCL – London’s Global University

Work is generally technically competent, but there may be a few gaps leading to some errors. Ideas are expressed with clarity, with some minor exceptions.

Some confusion and immaturity in expression of ideas. The Numeric Marking Scale must be used on the following qualifications: Coureework Summative Online Assessment Tasks 3.

UCL email is the normal means of communication between staff and students. Most objectives of the work set are covered.

Coursework Penalties

On a Condonable Component, any mark below the Pass Mark, including marks of 0. A poor piece of work, showing some familiarity with the subject matter, but with major gaps and serious misconceptions.


It is compulsory to attend all taught sessions lectures, seminars, practical sessions.

Ideas are poorly expressed and structured. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive emails sent to your UCL address.

ucl overlength coursework

The module information page contains useful information about the module e. If you exceed these parameters, you may receive a reduction in marks. Formative assessment provides students with courseork opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of assessment so that they understand how to do well on their programme.

ucl overlength coursework

A student who does not Pass a Non-condonable Component must be reassessed in the affected module see Section Attendance will be monitored. You must submit by the specified deadline – there are penalties for late submission see below. Where component marks are converted to percentages, percentages must be rounded to 2 decimal places. UCL aspires for the norm for return of over,ength to be approximately four weeks after the submission deadline.

You can usually find this information on the course Moodle page. A student whose monitored attendance falls below the attendance requirement may become ineligible for summative assessment in that module and will be subject to the regulations in C hapter 6, Section 4: