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Does your department host wellness events or outings? Supervisor reads thesis draft The time needed by the supervisor for reading and reporting back should be negotiated in advance. All SOGS members are eligible to be nominated. How much is tuition? There will also be prizes and raffles available! SOGS offers the Wellness Joint Fund for departments to help support wellness events for graduate students on and off campus.

You are free to update this metadata and upload the final version of your thesis. VP of Finance Motion: Does your department host wellness events or outings? Once withdrawn from a program and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies , the person withdrawn is no longer a student and may not attend classes, receive supervision, or have access to any resources of the University. February 28, February In-Absentia Convocation. In addition, departmental and university examiners must have membership with SGPS in order to participate. Please talk to the SOGS office staff if you have questions or need help.

All open positions are described in the application form. Last day to declare an audit for a course starting in the winter term. Students registered part-time may take no more than two courses in a tjesis. Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or who have been withdrawn and wish to complete their program must formally re-apply for admission.

Page 1 Page 2 … Page 10 Next page. Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee, and finalists within each competition will be sybmission to pitch their idea to the committee in a brief oral presentation.

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How does Western collect references for my application to graduate studies? Come out to socialize, snack, and drink with your fellow TAs and postdocs, and to learn more about your rights and the opportunities available to you through Western.


Instructions regarding access and how to complete the quiz will be emailed to students the deadlin week of their first term. Learn more about the annual Western Research Forum here.

Full-time graduate students in research-based programs are expected to be active in their program for all three terms of the university year, as specified in Section 4. This selection will prompt Scholarship Western to request your supplementary content once you select the submit button.

If you submit the Intent form and fail to upload your defense-ready thesis by the deadline, your registration will return to its previous status. January 29, Last day to provide proof of Permanent Residency to have winter term tuition fees reduced to the domestic rate.

Select information may be shared with third parties, including: Successfully complete your thesis examination.

Does your department host wellness events or outings? November 12, Final date for doctoral candidates to submit the thesis for examination to SGPS to complete the degree within the fall term. Travel, Childcare, and Professional Placement; Subsidized social and cultural events for students and their families on and off-campus throughout the year; Wellness week in October; SOGS also provides students with: What happens if I miss the final thesis submission deadline?

thesis submission deadline uwo

This update more accurately reflects the duties and responsibilities of the Finance Committee, acting as a useful template for future policy documents. Students who drop after deadlline date but before March 1 will receive a WDN on their transcript. Can I defer my admission? February 12, Due date for second installment of winter term tuition for those paying in 2 installments.


thesis submission deadline uwo

Participants are matched in circles of 4 — 9 people based on the session time they register for. More information on our website.

Thesis Completion Guidelines

The information is used to administer and operate academic, athletic, recreational, student development, student employment, financial aid, and other University programs and activities, including residence operations and alumni and development activities and programs, and to determine eligibility for student awards, scholarships and financial support, and administer financial aid and government financial assistance programs.

In those rare and undesirable cases where the supervisor has declined to sign off but where the candidate wishes to go to examination regardless, the candidate should enquire with the graduate chair or graduate assistant as to the procedures for submitting on their own recognizance. Students can use UFile. August 31, Grade submission deadline for summer term grades for students wishing to graduate at Autumn Convocation.

It is acceptable for students to take days off. Do you know an amazing TA that went above and beyond in the fall term?

Thesis Completion Guidelines – Department of English and Writing Studies – Western University

The start and finish of the leave may begin or end at any point in the term; normally the leave will coincide with the start and end of terms.

Dissertation drop-in — Fridays all day. PLease watch for an announcement. February 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 5:

thesis submission deadline uwo