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It is a method for studying text and this strategy has five Steps: But, there were lots of students at junior high school, who have difficulties in reading comprehension. At the junior high school level, English is taught as a compulsory subject. E , P The mean score of control group is Repeat this process for all of the questions, 6. It means that learning reading comprehension by using SQ3R technique is comfortable, by using SQ3R technique the students easily to find out the main idea of the text, pronoun and detail information and the students admitted that the SQ3R technique need to be applied in learning reading comprehension because it assist them in learning reading comprehension.

It is a method for studying text and this strategy has five Steps: It means in reading activities, the readers should be able to concentrate while their eyes moved to the text that is read in order to get information based on their background knowledge. SQ3R contributes as the technique to help the teacher convey the material easily and makes the students easy in receiving the material too. Finally, the writer suggest to the other researchers, for those who are going to conduct a study that uses SQ3R technique, are recommended to apply the technique in improving the other skill such as listening, speaking, and writing skill to solve the problems faced by the students. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Journal of Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 While, for the question step is students will question themselves or create the question by themselves from the reading text that they have just surveyed.

They said that they face difficulties in comprehending the text and identifying the thewis idea of the text guessing or understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words in the text. Journal of Language and Learning, 1 Journal of Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 It helps the students to find out the main idea, detail information of the text, understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words, identifying the use of reference, and finding implied information of the text.


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This finding is supported by thesiis research result stated in pre-test and post-test. As Costellostated that the more I read about reading conferences, the more I understood the importance of choice.

thesis about sq3r technique

Have students review all of their spoken or written answers. Journal of Language and Learning, Vol.

thesis about sq3r technique

Therefore, the researcher can conclude most of the subjects strongly agreed and agreed with the implementation of SQ3R technique in teaching reading comprehension. A Norwegian case study, Abot in a Foreign Language.

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SQ3R technique helps the students to set study goals. This study implemented mixed methods research design, it was used the Quan-qual model.

It showed the attitudes and the learning motivation of the subjects quite positively. Skip to main content. Klingnerstates that as the reader progresses through individual sentences, he or she is processing more than the individual meaning units within sentences.

Also, Alyousefaffirmed that when the students confronted with an unfamiliar word, they should look into the familiar word and spelling patterns, then use context to understand what is the word refers to. Journal of Language Literacy, Vol. It means that the alternative hypothesis Ha is accepted. The data was determined in table 1. EP There are a wide range of reading strategies that can be used to comprehend such text, such as, scanning strategy, bottom-up and top-down theories.

In the first step of this technique, Survey, the students are asked to glance through the topic headings and try to get an overview of the reading to get an idea of where the chapter is going.

In this study, the writer used purposive sampling technique. This is in line with Aguedelo et alwho also state that in order to comprehend the text, it is necessary for the reader to extract the keywords in order to understand the whole text.


Ask students to read the selection carefully, keeping the questions in mind as they read, 4. Besides, they could minimize the mistakes xbout had before. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Reading Strategy Instruction, Metacognitive Awareness and Self-perception of striving wbout developmental readers. There are four students in item 5, two students in item 7, two students in item 9 and item 10 who answered that they undecided with the application of SQ3R technique, while only two participants in item 7 who admitted that they disagreed and strongly disagreed with the application of the technique.

The procedures of doing treatment were the researcher taught the students by applying SQ3R technique by six steps: But, there were abbout of students at junior high school, who have difficulties in reading comprehension.

Tuesis other words, SQ3R technique can be used as an alternative technique in teaching reading to the students at Junior High School level. Here, the researcher uses 21 students from A class as a sample research.

The method in this study is mixed method with Quan-qual model.

thesis about sq3r technique

This means English is a tool of communication among people in the world to deal with trading, social cultural, science, and technology purposes. SQ3R is a reading strategy that can be used when students are expected to read and remember content material. While the score after being taught by using SQ3R technique was Pay special attention to headings, subheadings, topic sentences, and highlighted words, 2.