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Importance of sampling design and sample size. This helps various other organizations to apply those solutions when they encounter similar problems. A scientific hypothesis must meet two requirements: Since the problem had to be attended to very quickly, they developed a theoretical base, collected relevant detailed information from a sample of customers, and analyzed the data. Research Methods For Business: Others try alternatives like more communication, hand- holding, and the like.

A hypothesis can be based on inductive preliminary investigation or theory. Chapter 2 This multimedia product and its contents. It would lack rigor for the following reasons: Wiley Student Companion Site. Business Research Methods Skill Building Approach 6th, Uma Sekaran Test Bank – Test Bank Success Each chapter exam contains fill in the blank, application, and multiple choice questions that provide immediate feedback with the correct answer. Action research methodology is most appropriate while effecting planned changes.

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Fundraising for Social Change, 7th Edition. This is the need for a theoretical framework. Parsimony Simplicity in explaining the phenomena or problems una occur, and in generating solutions for the problems, is always preferred to complex research frameworks that consider an unmanageable number of factors. Scientific research is not based on hunches, experience and intuition though these may play a part in final decision making.

Explaining variance in the dependent variable. Analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data can be done to determine if certain relations are important.


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A Skill Building Approach, 5th Edition. Journal of Marketing, 60 2 Click here to sign up. Thus it has a purposive focus. Their mixed messages did ths help consumers to understand the differences either. Hypothesizing From such a theory, the CIO generates various hypotheses for testing, one among them being: The probability that our estimations are correct. Registration Forgot your password?

the critical literature review ppt uma sekaran

Established relationships do not hold in certain situations. We think you have liked this presentation. Let us say the manager asks employees how to increase the level of commitment.

the critical literature review ppt uma sekaran

A Comparability, consistency, and wide generalizability are often difficult to obtain in research. Rigor A good theoretical base and sound methodological design would add rigor to the purposive study. Internal validity of lab experiments. The Nature of Research Chapter One. Use BLUE color for your text answers, or just fill in the shaded blocks. Findings are accurate and confident. Many complained that the buildings were old and not properly maintained, and the quality ratings of service and other factors were also poor.

It is more objective.

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Manipulation of the independent variable. By Ajeng Ghina Farhani. Testability After random selection of employees of the organization and study of the previous research done in sekaan same area, the manager or researcher develops certain hypothesis on how employee commitment can be enhanced, then these can be tested by applying certain statistical tests to the data collected for the purpose.


Based on these results, the researcher would make recommendations in order to solve the problem in hand. Interpretation of data Based on the results, the manager deduces or concludes that managers do not use MIS owing to certain factors. The independent variable also known as the predictor variable. Simultaneously, he recognized that unless the franchise owners fully cooperated with him in all his plans, mere face lifting and improvement of customer service would not bring added revenues.

If a particular hypothesis has not been supported even in a single other case study, the researcher could ignore that hypothesis. Some variables can not be measure quantitatively, such as unresponsive employees, we need to operationalize this variable. A good example of applied research is when a sales manager does research to know why sales are rising in a particular portion of his sales territory and declining rapidly in another.

the critical literature review ppt uma sekaran