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Prevalence of Depression among the elderly in Nairobi homes. Clinical Orthodontics Paper IV: Differential diagnosis of multiple separate and generalized radiopacities. Traumatic injuries and management — Endodontic treatment for young permanent teeth. The education process should be an evolving one and not merely a process of acquisition of a large number of disjointed facts without a proper perspective. Topic Staff Signature Name: However strict division of the subject may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable.

Tongue, salivary glands, tonsil, thymus and lymph nodes. Endodontics — Ingle Online Cosmetics Store which offer many kind of skin care creams, anti-agings, face body daily use creams, hair care products and more. Artificial respiration and pulmonary function tests. Poor 0 Below Average 1 Signature:

Emergencies in dental Office and emergency drugs in clinical dentistry, xi. They have to be returned duly after utilization, to allow others to use them.

Obstetrics Gynecology Thesis Topics. During the college hours the PGs have to note their movements in the movement register whenever they have to leave the department, countersigned by the staff present in the department at that time. Oral cancer and pre-cancer of oral cavity. Journal of Canadian Dental Association 8. This should be assessed using a check list see Model checklist 4, Section IV.

Be humble, accept the limitations in our knowledge and skill, and ask for help from colleagues when needed. Periodontology — Herbert F.


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Minor oral surgical and surgical endodontic procedures. The certification of satisfactory progress is based on the work dairy and log book.

Model Test Papers Curriculum M. Should be held once in a month.

Ntr university thesis guidelines

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth, recent advances. Child management in Dentistry – Wright Pre operative workup – Concept of fitness for surgery; basic medical work up; work up in special situation like diabetes, renal failure, cardiac and respiratory illness; risk stratification. The dissertation shall be referred to the examiners and acceptance of it by the examiners shall be guidwlines and eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear written examination.

Clinical and diagnostic skills in encouraging younger doctors to attain learning objectives. More cases discussions and dissertatino to be taken up.

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Facial spaces and their relations. They shall also help in teaching students of BDS course and motivate them to develop expertise in diagnosing, treating dental diseases and educate the patients about prevention ntrruhs dental diseases and serve the people with sincerity and dedication. Selection of postgraduate students 1.

All the candidates shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programs, either in the form of lectures or group discussions. Culture medium and culturing technique Aerobic and anaerobic interpretation and antibiotic sensitivity test. G Dental courses shall be a whole time student. Check list For all MDS Specialities Journal reviews, seminars, clinical work in OPD, clinical case presentations teaching skills, dissertation presentation and overall assessment of the candidate has to be evaluated by the following check lists.


Paper I, II, III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions each carrying 7 marks. It not only helps teachers to evaluate students, but also helps students to evaluate themselves.

Journal of Dentistry Congenital anomalies of face, jaws, teeth and other parts of above mentioned.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Oral Pathology and Microbiology Oral Pathology and Microbiology, deals with the nature of oral diseases, processes and effects. Color Atlas of Dental Medicine: Evidence based oral care in treatment planning. Fixed functional appliances – Herbst appliance, Jasper jumper etc – 5 cases. Benign tumors of oral cavity.

Every candidate shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the post graduate guide.

Paper IV will be on Essay.