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The system also measures external temperature, humidity and pollution conditions. In-car well-being also means being able to customise your Thesis by means of Lancia Personal Selection that can be used to customise car settings directly via the CONNECT system – or by means of a setting Memory that allows you to adjust the front seats, rear view mirrors and steering wheel to your own satisfaction and then recall the same settings whenever you want at the press of a key. The armchairs that replace conventional seats mould themselves to the body shape. Simply tilt your head back to hear the sound. To improve the safety of night driving, the Lancia Dialogos headlights adapt automatically to external conditions. If the driver crosses the lane dividers due to distraction or drowsiness, the system emits an acoustic signal to bring his attention back to the road. Tipo Number made:

They are all packed into a concept car, which has been named the Lancia Dialogos. Air is finely distributed through micropores in the trim materials to keep passenger compartment temperature constant. The rear armchairs come with a personal mobile phone socket, while the head-restraints contain earphones for listening to music. The seats are the very latest thing when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. When the driver crosses the lane dividers unintentionally e. Pictures of Lancia Thesis Bicolore — Sa ligne peu conventionnelle, qui n’a pas fait l’unanimit, mais aussi le rseau de Lancia, thesis qui n’a pas connu le mme essor que les constructeurs allemands, ont constitu deux freins au succs de la Thesis. The on-board information system, complete with micro TV camera and radar, provides all the necessary information for continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the road.

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The seats are the very latest thing when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Flexibility to the widest range of needs and great functionality. The car also reacts dynamically saale to the preferences of the driver: You already have 3 alerts in your package. In order to be visible on our site, submit your listing via one of our partner sites.


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Innovation, certainly, but thesis precise references to timeless values. The active front suspension features a feeling management system — and a model reference monitoring and test system is also fitted.

This device ensures that steering is unaffected when the active differential applies different pulling forces to both half-axles to increase car stability.

Instead the instrument interface should adapt to us. And a programmable supplementary heater ensures the passenger compartment is cosy even on the coldest days. The system explores the field of view inaccessible to the human eye and notifies the driver of overtaking vehicles.

The petrol engine range is now topped by bucolore 3. The active front differential which should not be confused with a self-locking differential improves car pulling power and stability. You first need to delete one from your account.

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The engineering of the Lancia Dialogos also incorporates some interesting features: An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the road. The seat squab back is covered in soft wood and the edge is finished in heartwood.

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bocolore Luxury, yes, but without ostentation. It must be able to adapt to their habits and — why not — to their mood and also to current situations. It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car in front. A TV camera ensures the car stays in lane.

The merit also goes to the Top Climate System, bicoloore measures the outside temperature, humidity and pollution, and creates and memorises the ideal cabin climate.

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The new Lancia range leader also offers one of the best rear passenger room ratings in the segment. The sophisticated model reference monitoring and test system forecasts car behaviour and compares it continually with true behaviour as revealed by the on-board sensors.


lancia thesis bicolore for sale

The facia and traditional instruments beneath the windscreen are replaced by a big panel made up of three customisable liquid crystal screens: This also means being able to live in an environment attuned to our current mood, that allows us to experience a kancia type of comfort. Save your listings Create your account in just a few moments! The for covers the seats and forms bivolore unbroken thesis band around the passenger compartment.

When it comes to dynamic safety, the Lancia Thesis offers cutting edge devices that control different aspects of car performance: When the driver crosses the lane dividers unintentionally e. The Lancia designers undertook the far from easy task of designing something intangible: Home Mfa creative writing rankings Creative writing lancla controlled assessment Pages Primary homework help ww2 blitz Creative writing jobs adelaide Can you do your homework on an ipad Creative writing camp tampa A2 product design coursework help English literature and creative writing Ghesis writing expert salary Mfa creative writing chicago art institute 5 ways to get out of doing homework Help write my essay BlogRoll.

These two powerful, smooth power units bicoolre from a revision to the settings of the sophisticated five-speed automatic transmission to ensure smoother gear shifts and hence a considerable increase in driving comfort. The facia and conventional instrumentation are replaced by a large panel made of three liquid crystal screens.