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Even she was about to break down any moment now. Following Zenkichi’s successful election as the th Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka is forced to deal with the suitors from seven branch families to the Kurokami family. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia’s inclusion policy. The important thing is, with this data, your search will speedily advance. Misogi Kumagawa describes Hitomi Hitoyoshi as his “first love”, and apparently has a strange fetish for panties and adult women who look much younger than they are. As he was called in, Kumagawa left Medaka with the parting words that there was no point in being alive The situation between Misogi and Medaka worsen when he viciously attacked his vice-president Ajimu ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her.

This also limits his immortality to such that if his fight with Zenkichi were to be replayed out, he would effectively die. I would appreciate that. Her failure to do so ended in the death of another classmate, Ajimu, and Medaka was emotionally scarred. The class consists entirely of Minuses: However, he views humans as humans, has a conscience, tends to randomly heal or help strangers as well, and experiences shock and pain when those who stood by his side, such as Emukae, are hurt. The antithesis to the Abnormals are Minuses ; their abnormalities as destructive expressions of mental illnesses, chronic depression, being mentally shut off from the world, and possibly a complementary inferiority complex.

Cursed her social inept, and for some reason, cursed Yang as well. Medaka describes Kumagawa as a compulsive liar who places no meaning in trust or doubt, while Hitomi Hitoyoshi considers him developmentally retarded. From Saburo Oshigami Dangan Ronpa. This is a class consisting entirely of students possessing abnormalities.


kumagawa graduation speech

Related wiki Asta-‘ Black Clover. How can her sister be so nonchalant in front of this…. And when Anshin’in tells him to say what he feels, without trying to seem cool, he loses the brackets Chapter 88 page 6.

Good to see you again, Kumagawa.

Kumagawa Misogi’s inspirational graduation speech

He instantly and brutally reduces the number of potential successors to five normal girls and instantly recognizes that they are “Not Equals”. You were also a kid, you know? Selecting students with negative outlooks and corresponding abnormalities, Class was born.

Do we even have dorms?

kumagawa graduation speech

However, because of his changing perspective of life, the seal he originally placed on Ajimu has gradually begun to weaken. This boy was nothing special, with average built and average height.

The ending should be they live happlily speeh after.

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She enjoys helping others, and is determined to finish any task handed to her, rewarding herself with a pot of flowers, and hoping pseech one day she can look outside the council window to see the academy full of flowers. As expect of her friend, not being bothered by anything. When she does finally return, Kumagawa realizes that he has “won” for the first time in his life and begins to cry tears of joy.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much fic about him, despite being a graduatipn character. This also limits his immortality to such that if his fight with Zenkichi were to be replayed out, he would effectively die. His ability can even reverse his own death as well as the death of others. Feeling her feet slipping, the teen almost fell to the ground. Kkumagawa biological mother, the mistress of her father, died from a heart attack directly after childbirth and Medaka believed it was because her mother’s sole purpose in life was to give birth to her.


As expect of her friend. Of all people, Ruby had to choose this guy to befriend with. I think she is still Nice to meet you.

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The girl blinked, before replying hesitantly. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online graduatuon and show you personalized content. Misogi doesn’t understand or try to understand others, ignoring their feelings all together. Because of Zenkichi’s otherwise normal nature, Ajimu exposes Medaka to the potential successors, who are also normal girls, destroying the appeal that Zenkichi’s “normalness” has for her.

Kumagawa After Story Theory

BNVshark BNVshark 4 years ago 1 It’s heavily implied that he banged Kikaijima, multiple times, during the 10 year timeskip, then bailed like an absolute boss.

Ruby Rose thought this year would be amazing with the three of them going together. They did the opposite of imply that Kumgawa was the father.

kumagawa graduation speech

But when she heard he was also going to Beacon, her heart fell. This semester was off to a wonderful start… “[I wonder if her voice is her Semblance. I want you to put these four in the same team for me.