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Our primary emphasis is on papers that advance the understanding of, and show how to deal with, practical issues related to deploying analytics technologies. The winner and runners-up will be invited to present his or her work in a special session at the KDD conference. We invite submission of papers describing innovative research on all aspects of knowledge discovery and data mining, ranging from theoretical foundations to novel models and algorithms for data mining problems in science, business, medicine, and engineering. Our research concerns developing novel data mining and exploration algorithms to formally analyze how user and item attributes influence user-item interactions. The award winner will also receive a free registration to attend the KDD conference.

Widespread access to photo-taking devices and high speed Internet has combined with rampant social networking to produce an explosion in picture sharing on Web platforms. Submitted papers must describe work that is substantively different from work that has already been published, or accepted for publication, or submitted in parallel to other conferences or to journals. These unique properties of social media present novel challenges for computing distrust in social media: We invite proposals for tutorials from active researchers and experienced tutors. Organizers of accepted workshops are expected to announce the workshop and disseminate call for papers, maintain the workshop website, gather submissions, conduct the reviewing process and decide upon the final workshop program.

As the final part of the thesis, we present several extensions of our models such that we can detect communities with a bipartite connectivity structure and we combine the aawrd attributes and the network structure for community detection.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

We begin by challenging the conventional view that defines network communities as densely connected clusters of nodes. Submit nominations by Apr Bots, sockpuppets, vandals, hoaxes 3: Each nominated dissertation must also have been successfully defended by the candidate, and the final version of each nominated dissertation must have been accepted by the candidate’s academic unit.


kdd 2015 dissertation award

Workshop organizers may choose to form organizing or program committees aiming to accomplish these tasks successfully. Such submissions violate our dual submission policy.

Tags sigkdd qirong ho jiliang tang jiawei han huan liu eric xing dissertation awards chi wang Fully automated algorithms are inadequate for a number of data analysis tasks, especially those involving images, video, or text. The runners-up will receive a plaque at the conference. The application domains of interest include, but are not limited to education, public policy, industry, government, healthcare, e-commerce, telecommunications, law, or non-profit settings. This track also highlights new research challenges motivated by analytics and data mining applications in the real world.

Finally, based upon the results of the work in the first two directions, we propose the reconstruction algorithms of branching storyline graphs, and explore their promising applications at the intersection of computer vision and multimedia data mining. He obtained his Ph. We will use the submission date of the final hard copy of the dissertation to the university’s library, or the completion date of a dissertation stated by the head of the faculty as the “final dissertation defense date”.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

All full-time students with evidence established in data mining research are encouraged to apply. Doctoral Dissertation Award Nominations.

Abstract The safety, reliability and usability of web platforms are often compromised by malicious entities, such as vandals on Wikipedia, bot connections on Twitter, fake likes on Facebook, and several more. SIGKDD encourages participation of women and under-represented minorities, as well as participation of students from under-represented institutions. Our research concerns developing novel data mining and exploration algorithms to formally analyze how user and item attributes influence user-item interactions.

Each dissertation was reviewed by at least 3 experts who helped group the dissertations into two competing groups. Wei Wang wins ACM SIGKDD Service Award for her significant technical contributions to the principles, practice and application of data mining and for her outstanding services to society and the data mining community.


The KDD organizing committee solicits proposals for full-day and half-day workshops to be held in conjunction with the main conference. The widespread use and growing popularity of online collaborative content sites e.

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The talks and discussions will focus on innovative and leading-edge, large-scale industry or government applications of data mining in areas such as finance, health-care, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure transportation, utilities, etc.

We received 15 nominations this year. To jump to the Research track, click here. Communities in networks often overlap as nodes can belong to multiple communities at qward.

KDD 17 Tutorial – Malicious Behavior Modeling

Please email all nomination and support documents by June 5, to kddawards verizon. The first direction of the work addresses the problems of understanding what topics are popular when by whom in the image collections, while the second line of the work studies the approaches for detecting awaard and recurring contents across the image collections in the form of bounding boxes or pixel-wise segmentations.

Each nomination should be co-sponsored by at least 3 people. Authors are strongly encouraged to make data and code publicly available whenever possible.


The conference should take place in August Typically, the amount of user feedback e. He has published over 20 refereed articles and 2 book chapters.

Uncovering Structure in High-Dimensions: