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Help Center Find new research papers in: Management keeping in touch with the employees is very important especially if they are to prevent, reduce or overcome the challenge of employee turnover. Voluntary turnover is influenced by factors internal30 to the employee that influence a 28 Tur o er i te tio is the last in a sequence of withdrawal cognitions, a set to which thinking of quitting and i te t to sear h for alter ati e e ploy e t also elo g. These usually vary, some employees need accommodation improvement, others need remuneration, others need health insurance so depending on the need, the employer needs to be sensitive while attempting to enhance working conditions. Remember me on this computer.

This is classified into voluntary10 and involuntary11 turnover. How to Get Your Employees Moving. Attitudes have characteristic like persistence unless something is done to change; they fall range from very favorable to very unfavorable and attitudes are directed toward some object about which a person has feelings affect and beliefs. DiPietro et al A systematic review study. Age, gender and education play a major role in turnover. New articles by this author.

Money may be a motivator, but may not stimulate job satisfaction. DiPietro et al in their article state that employees are motivated by azirj and extrinsic factors which are driven by the interest or enjoyment of the task intrinsic and things that come from outside the individual, such as money or rewards extrinsic.

Therefore, the need for achievement would encourage someone to develop creativity and skills as well as direct all its energy in order to achieve optimal performance. New citations to this author. This literature review paper look at job satisfaction under three sub-themes: No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy.

Employee Turnover According to Bridger et al.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

What may be job dissatisfaction for an employee in a developed country may actually be a job satisfaction for somebody from a developing or least developed country.


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Attitude ties in very well with employee motivation, when the one does not feel motivated to work, most likely there will be negative attitudes towards work leading to low performance. Harvard business review July—august They are composed of emotion, thought and behaviors.


Management keeping in touch with the employees is very important especially if they are to prevent, reduce or overcome the challenge of employee turnover. A Case Study of the Chinese Workforce. To link to this article: Review of Innovation and Competitiveness: Job satisfaction as a multidimensional concept: This is similar to 12 The need for achievement is the driving force that motivates the spirit of one’s work. Satisfactiionstates that there is no agreed upon definition of what job satisfaction is or what it represents; but there is need to consider the nature and litreature of the work.

New articles by this author. Using extrinsic motivation by managers also works as it pushes the employees to do what they would have not otherwise done; however this motivation type is not very good because if there is high extrinsic expectancy, then intrinsic motivation reduces and yet the target should be towards getting the employee to enjoy what they are doing on the job.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Conducting commitment interviews also may help in further reducing turnover by singling out employees airi enhance their litefature of self- orth a d trust y a age e t fou d that ide tifyi g hara teristi s asso iated ith e ployee s willingness to stay in a job could be used as predictors of job tenure.

Age, gender and education play a major role in turnover.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

Under high levels of trustworthiness, the leverage of intrinsic motivation on satisfaction becomes stronger. Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, It literatkre not be very helpful finding out from the employees who have left the why they have left; instead, if managers discovered why employees stay could enable management to use this information to instill this in other employees.


This is believed to increase motivation because satisfactkon is clear to the employees the direction they are taking and what is required of them so they will work towards attaining the goals.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

On the contrary, according to Nohria et althe things that influence choices and underlie everything we do are the drives to acquire both tangible and intangible things; the need to bond with others; comprehend15; and defend or protect against external threats and promote justice.

If all the necessary information is availed to the employees, then most likely they will be motivated to understand what it is all about so that they are at a cutting edge perhaps over the others.

A Qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure. If during selection of employees a personality is not well matched with the job requirements, then there is likely to be an attitude problem ith that e ployee.


Motivating employees and keeping them satisfied are some of the ways that managers and organizations retain employees and provide excellent service.

Egos however cause attitude conflicts within employees, one may feel right about something while another opposes. This helps them to learn more and avoid boredom at work-breaking routine. How to Get Your Employees Moving. Within the same individual, there may be job satisfaction at a certain time and the next time, there is dissatisfaction.