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There are other procedural issues with the Meitei demand. Will the existing safeguards that the Hill Areas enjoy vis-a-vis the plain areas be affected in any way? Their language, Manipuri or Meiteilon, is recognised under the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, which makes it mandatory for the government to take measures for its development. Given this situation, it is difficult to see how the plan will work. On August 18, clashes had broken out between Meitei and Kuki people at Moreh, a trading town on the India-Myanmar border, disrupting a rally in support of the implementation of the Inner Line Permit system in Manipur.

Many people were flummoxed. So what exactly is the Inner Line Permit, and why is the issue so sensitive? Though the Kukis are an indigenous group in Manipur, there are some who fear that the Meiteis could use the ILP to advance their stand of Kukis being foreigners. In the eyes of the tribal people, there is a hidden design behind the recent demands and protests. And by the time the matter reaches that level, the tribal people will probably start giving expression to their opposition. This has led to increased competition for employment opportunities among other things. For the proposed legislation to become law, and if the Hill Areas are to be within its ambit, it will require the consent of the Hill Area Committee, which is unlikely to happen.

The document is an effort by the government to regulate movement to certain areas located near the international border of India.

However, that may turn out to be the easier part. Such provisions though are not valid for Central government employees and security personnel.

ilp in manipur essay

Long term residence however, is allowed under certain kinds of ILP. Nehginpao Kipgen August 27, The ILP, which remained in force untilwas revoked by the then Commissioner of Assam, whose jurisdiction also covered Manipur.


Public appeals by tribal bodies against such attacks in civilian areas were unheeded. Though the Kukis are an indigenous group in Iilp, there are some who fear that the Meiteis could use the ILP to advance their stand of Kukis being foreigners. Related Topics Columns Manipur. Written By Pranav Joshi.

Inner Line Permit

The word “British subjects” was replaced by Citizen of India in Is it maniour to cover the entire state, including the Hill Areas? They are opposing even the long-running demand for upgrading the existing Autonomous District Councils to the status of Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, a demand which the Manipur Cabinet itself had agreed to and recommended at least twice in the past.

ilp in manipur essay

If the bill is passed and enacted into law, it will require outsiders to obtain a special pass or permit to enter the State. The law dictates that it must be consulted in all legislative matters affecting the Hill Areas of the state.

This page was last edited on 21 Mayat Despite the fact that the ILP was originally created by the British to safeguard their commercial interests, it continues to be used in India, officially to protect tribal cultures in northeastern India. Will the existing safeguards that the Hill Areas enjoy vis-a-vis the plain areas be affected in any way?

Many people were flummoxed.

This will, in one stroke, level the constitutional division between the tribals and Meiteis in terms of land rights and other reservation benefits. While a member all-party committee was formed in to look into the demand of various social organisations for introduction of the Inner Line Permit ILPnot much progress has taken place. Though the majority Meitei community would have liked to make the demand an inclusive one, the issue has become divisive and in some instances has even taken a communal tone.


ilp in manipur essay

Inthe King of Manipur signed a document merging the region with the Indian Union. March 29, It is an intra-state asymmetrical federal provision. If so, how would it be reconciled with the existing intra-state constitutional safeguards that apply exsay the Hill Areas?

Any tampering with the existing safeguards of the Hill Areas will be unacceptable to them.

All you need to know about the Inner Line Permit issue in Manipur

Signs of growing strife were already evident in the state. The government could implement the Sixth Schedule in the hill areas; the Kukis manjpur Nagas would enjoy autonomy in their respective regions but remain within Maniur Manipur has witnessed a series of protests starting in July this year, following demands for the implementation of the Inner Line Permit ILP system in the State.

Initially, the British colonial government had introduced the system to protect its commercial interests, particularly in oil and tea. Archived from the original on 8 August The free entry of ‘outsiders’ both from within and outside the Indian state is a central cause for the demand for ILP. It signifies a constitutional recognition of the hill-plain divide in Manipur.

The Meitei essa for Scheduled Tribe status itself is incongruous. The bill, even after passage in the assembly, will have to go to the governor and mwnipur central government, where it will most probably get stuck. One demand in the memorandum proposes the insertion of a new provision in section of the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act,