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How to Negotiate a Salary Offer. DOCX, if required to submit a soft copy. Call Center Interview Questions. Great job thanks for the information. Unemployment and How to Build Skills.

This is a good job. Thanks for the observation, will include it in a subsequent post. Looking for a job? Please send it to my email: Be brief but clear in this part of your CV. An application on the other hand is a formal letter that tells your interested recruiter that you have the qualities that they need as stipulated in where you found their requirement. Edit it to make it as strong as possible.

How to Prepare for a Career Fair. Make sure to include their contact information.

hoe lyk n curriculum vitae

Pls can i have a copy of this? Alternatively, use this section to talk about other achievements that you have earned.

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I appreciate reading this, it enlightened me more. It is different from an application letter.

Pls kindly send a copy to me pls flairyem yahoo. Include two references on your CV. In this section, list the skills that you have that make you a perfect candidate, along with any professional training that you have achieved. These students in turn enter the university without prior knowledge of writing, making it difficult for most graduates especially in Nigeria to write an ordinary article talk more of a curriculum vitae.


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The CV format has no provision for that. Thanks, really appreciate your help and advice. If you are looking for a new job, then it is vital to have a well-written CV. One should be your last employer, while the other one vtae be someone who has known you for a long time.

Then, have a friend proofread it to see if they can spot any errors. This is a good job.

hoe lyk n curriculum vitae

How to Get a Job. Whichever you decide, stay consistent throughout the document. What do I do please. Use a bold font for this information to help set it apart from the remainder of the vitae.

An example is given below:. Please, inbox the format to me ; ngbonche gmail. Who is the Best Candidate for the Job? I wish to hv a coppy tru my emIl thanks. V gives a fitae of your work, skill, personal details and academic career.


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Nice job…really encouraging,please kindly forward it to my email slimworld yahoo. Questions to Ask the Interviewer. John Smith Mailing Address: This is awesome, great idea. It is not necessary? Would like to have a copy after the corrections. How to Interview Someone for a Job. Good morning, pls where do I place NYSC experience in my Cv, is it under work experience or it will be written separately with the heading National youth service Corp.

If professionals or peers in your field have recognised you for your contributions, list them in this section. You would have to specify all relevant educational qualifications.

I really appreciate it. This is your chance to shine, so make sure to print it in a professional manner.