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The Emergence of New Social Identities. What can constitute a problem for the analyst is that you seldom know the identity of the participants in the forum discussions, and that some participants do not in any relevant sense belong to the milieu that constitutes the case population of the study. Karpantschof and Mikkelsen From the morning of the very first day, on November 30, a series of sit-ins, coordinated by the Direct Action Network, stops most of the 3, delegates from countries from reaching the inaugural cere- mony. The Case of Political Violence.

For years, the German agricultural machinery industry has been recognised worldwide as the innovations and technology leader. However, territorialization is not an activity reserved for the state; in studies of protest and social movements it is important to forms of oppositional territorializations cf. In brief, grounded theory GT is a way of advancing theory by establish- ing links between, and merging, inductively grounded concepts. We do not think we have exhausted either the mechanisms for the diffusion of transnational protest or their interactions with the diffusion of police practices. Myers and Daniel M. Nonviolent direct action by affinity groups:

The relatively under-regulated quality of city space surrounding, inter alia, the summit meetings in Gothen- burg and Genoa might have been an effect of prioritising territorial control when the police were under strain Scholl ; the police retreat from territorial sovereignty in order to create a more stable frontier for dissertatio elite. Studien zur Steuerung und Resonanz politischer Proteste in Deutschland forthcoming.

The Making of Protest and Protest Policing: Negotiation, Knowledge, Space, and Narrative

The demise of dictators in Tunisia hreibert Egypt, for instance, contributed to push their counterparts in Libya and Syria to use more repressive tactics and led the Saudi monarchy to send troops geiter the aid of their homologues in Bahrain.

In the following I will present some general reflections on the project as a whole and on my chief methodological standpoints as well as problems that I have had to deal with in the course of the project.


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The Production of Space. The approach that I have found to be most appealing is based on the no- tion of public space. Philosophy of the Social Sciences: From negotiated management to command and control: Apart from consisting of other associated narra- tives, narrative environments are the social contexts that give meaning to stories.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Even institution- alized politics can be conceptualized as a bundle of ongoing, typically larger scale cf. Comparative Political Studies, 39, Raffaele Marchetti Personal address: Legal provisions from city regulations to national codes dizsertation vandal- ism, trespassing, failure to disperse, and disobeying a lawful order, but also traffic laws and laws on the use of fire in public, are frequently arrayed to repress protesters.

heribert reiter dissertation

Pleasants ; Kingit is problematical if we risk allowing ontologi- cal speculation limit our empirical field of enquiry or our analytical possibili- dissertatio, and thereby hinder us from reaching potentially important results cf.

Liber ekonomi Translated by Harald Nordli. The paper deals with the general forms of conceiving provocation, and not about aiding the police by helping them classify different groups in terms of mili- tancy.


Her main research interests concern social movements, political violence, terrorism, corruption, police, and poli- cies of public order. Philosophically, I somewhat hesitantly lean towards a consequentialist ethical position Pettit and subsequently think that research ethics also should primarily focus on the possible consequences of research, rather than its current excessive emphasis on strict rules and principles even though a strict rule can be preferable for bringing about the best consequences.

Of course power is exercised when A participates in the making of decisions that affect B. Mass arrests, sometimes made far from the demonstration venue, and often reversed by the courts, were made in Seattle, Washington, Prague, Quebec City, Gothenburg, and Genoa.


Dynamics of reirer competition and conflict. Criminologist Janne Flyghed ibid. Lecture on 30 March.

And dif- fusion has been seen mainly as adaptation of tactics by an active adopter rather than accommodation to ideas produced by an active transmitter. Political Process and the Development of Black Insurgency, Some of these assumptions are confirmed if we look at the spread of the counter- summit strategy. The literature on transna- tional policing has underlined the significance of technical innovation and the influence of advanced surveillance, information processing, and communica- tion technologies on the organization of policing.

heribert reiter dissertation

It is less prominent in paper III, where, on the other hand, tactical interac- tion is in focus. The notion of POS was introduced by Eisinger in order to explain the frequency of violent protest in US cities, concluding that the intensity of protest activity was highest when the oppor- tunities to influence mainstream politics were neither very poor in which case protests could not be expected to have much effect nor very good in which case other forms of political participation could be turned to.

According to Orly Benjamin With permission from the journal, this became the basis for my contribution to paper I, which I wrote together with Mikael Hetibert. An International Quar- terly 12 4: Acting on the larger scale is not only more proactive, police interventions typically also receive less publicity D’Arcus The diffusion of social movements: Narrative and Social Movements.