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We worked so hard to teach those students basic Math, and later we could teach them Singapore Math, And when the results came we were proud of our work. Another reason why this school is amazing is because it has a language opportunity for children. My child is constantly being picked on by peers. It is clear that the teachers at the school are dedicated to the academic success of the students. There is a complete lack of discipline though and bullies are NOT dealt with. I just have to thank the teachers for their hard work!

See homes for sale and rent near Global Village Academy. They are driven by corperate funds. Learning a secondary language in “today’s” world is imperative to ones future success! More Start a conversation with a teacher or a fellow parent about how to interpret this information. Learn more about GreatSchools Ratings. Differentiating in the classroom is not their strength despite their assurances.

Global Village Academy

The GreatSchools Test Score Rating reflects annual state test results for this school compared with scores statewide. They were so far ahead of him after coming from another ‘good’ elementary school with excellent grades there that he required tutoring just to catch up. Notice something missing or confusing? G has been sweet, understanding and helpful to her and me, as parents we want to help but we don’t know how, having a teacher willing to help and guide us is something we will always be grateful for, if it was up to me I give her the tittle of teacher of the year, Ms shang and Ms Liu mandarin and math I mean can you say something other than this two ladies are saints, teaching kids mandarin and math while being patient and loving, who can ever thank them enough!!!


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We had high hopes for this school and enrolled our child as a kindergartner the year it opened. Unequal enforcement of rules, unprofessional behavior, cliques, laziness that is supported by hmework more effort into these teachers than the ones who are willing and ready to grow. Essay cause of baby dumping. How to make a essay title. GVA has continued to outperform the state and the district with assessments. GreatSchools is a national nonprofit organization.


This section includes information about school staff, including the ratio of students to teachers, and teacher tenure and certification. I just pulled my child out of there The 3rd and 4th grade team gather together twice a week to plan and find solutions to the problem.

I spent 3 weeks inside my son’s classroom and saw nothing but chaos. Since it is a new charter school they have limited space and playground still, but those things are working themselves out.

We worked so hard to teach those students basic Math, and later we could teach them Singapore Math, And when the results came we were proud of our work. Please, make sure you have been in the school enough time norfhglenn critize and condem our work, We are teachers who work extremely hard to teach the core subjects in another language, and the results show it.

Like others we had high hopes for this school. The homewogk will also have to contend with all the testing and the New Tech Network curriculum that is sub par.


gva northglenn homework now

Just observing an average recess is homswork. This family-like environment leads to many issues with staff. Disadvantaged students at this school may be falling behind other students in the state, and this school may have significant achievement gaps. I may have a different view of this school because my child started older however. Dont put your kid in any charter homweork. Gym twice a week. They need to suspend children who cannot follow basic rules. Older students prefer more activity and in school community that is not possible due to the facility and costs.

Parent tip Ask the school how it interprets this rating and what you can do to support the school’s continued success. Currently, this information is unavailable.

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Pay for performance research paper. Chinese teachers expectations are that of their upbringing in communistsic rule. The drop off pick up is starting to go from nuts to dangerouse, the collaborative board GVCC is not really helping to find a building and the students to a safer and friendlier learning environment!

Sadly, this is the only school offering language immersion in Adams My child has lost his confidence, and is psychologically beaten down.

gva northglenn homework now

Here is a list of some of the reasons we are not returning and why we would not recommend GVA: