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Ensure a mixed, functioning community by reducing the impact of gentrification on existing, local populations. While the Bellagio Principles do not function as a SA on their own, they do provide a practical outline of what assessment methods should include and what we might look for in assessing the merits of differing SA approaches. LEED ND was originally chosen for this case study because it is unique in its scalar focus amongst existing SA tools and is intentionally concerned with the urban and neighborhood scales. Without considering social sustainability, we are left with systems that may preserve the global environment and allow the economy to grow, but in doing so exacerbate inequity between social groups. Promote social equity by ensuring access to services that address the needs of a variety of economic classes. Overall Analysis and Implications Content and Scale. On one hand, it means there are multiple ways to achieve a sustainable urban form while addressing the individual needs of a project or locality; while on the other hand, it makes it difficult to easily determine whether a proposed urban development is sustainable.

Smart Linkage and Location – Credit These pillars are often represented by a trefoil diagram, which shows that holistic sustainable development is achieved at the intersection of all three goals Appendix A — Fig 1. Hacking and Guthrie propose an ideal SA that integrates multiple pillars of sustainability and spatial scales comprehensiveness , integrates quantitative and qualitative methods integratedness , is strategic in scope and relates to relevant policy focus strategicness. Preferred Location considers environmental, economic and social sustainability. Measurability for Sustainable Urban Development: In addition, we have previously described the need for a SA to be able to evaluate in a quantitative manner measures which are deemed as contributing to SUD. This is because it is impossible to evaluate SUD in a vacuum without undertaking a value judgment associated with what constitutes SUD.


gmv geography case study

Ongoing assessment and For example, Smart Location and Linkage — Credit 3. Project analysis for each criteria results in one score per credit, which is then applied equally to each relevant pillar. A Critical Review and Analysis.

gmv geography case study

Thank you to others for some of this work. Paradoxically, as cities contribute to many social and environmental problems, they are also seen as solutions to these same issues. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, vol 28, no stduy, Population and Settlement, Economic Development. Provide increased economic opportunities for local and small businesses. In both the analysis of individual credits and the formulation of proposed amendments see below we note the weighting of any assessment gmvv arbitrary.

Greenwich millennium village gcse geography case study

Require ongoing assessment after initial investors and occupants may no longer be involved with the project. See White for a more detailed historical account.

As this will be the case for any assessment, the importance of Bellagio Principle 8, Broad Participation, georaphy important in order to minimize organizational and political biases. Promote social equity by ensuring access to services that address the needs of a variety of economic classes.

Greenwich millennium village gcse geography case study

The new checklist adds new credits and prerequisites, adjusts the point totals in some credits analyzed previously, and clearly identifies each pillar a credit considers. Task 1 – Study this You could make a good case for any of Sustainable City Living Case We do not elaborate on criteria we feel adequately meet their respective intent cade are appropriate in assessing sustainability as they currently stand.

gmv geography case study

While we do not intend to fully endorse either, and there may in fact be valid critiques of either, we feel both provide a solid foundation to facilitate our working definition of SUD. Remember me on this computer. In many instances, such as the minimum affordable housing requirements, the UK and other European countries have higher social housing and diversity targets and a long history of related policies which should be incorporated into any such assessment as it is applied outside the US.


Planning Portal a Planning portal glossary: This difficulty speaks to the importance and need for holistic SA methods. United Nations Population Fund. The Bellagio Principles were developed in by an international group of measurement practitioners and researchers in the Italian municipality of Bellagio Hardi and Zahn A score of 6 out of 10 possible points for this credit would result in 6 points for each of the pillars.

The credits for Community Participation and LEED accredited professionals ensure that qualitative and contextual judgments will be made, in line with the importance of considering context in SUD.

In other words, they question the extent to which qualitative methodologies should inform assessment over quantitative methods. Linkages to Major Employment Centers Intent: This difficulty is in part due to difficulties in determining what makes development sustainable. We find LEED ND appealing as a tool geoggraphy inform policy and valuation and also facilitate ongoing assessments of developments because of its quantitative nature; however, in some aspects, we feel it is too quantitative.

Case Study- Greenwich Millennium Villiage

There is a clear link between bodies involved in developing a SA and the emphasis of the assessment. LEED has integrated the need for quantitative measures into the assessment process by requiring a rigorous geogfaphy process that relies on thorough quantitative documentation as part of the certification process.

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