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Personal Statement Ming The most important part of your petition for readmission to Mississippi State University is your personal statement. They also asked for more evidence for 3 and 5. Law Offices of Victoria V. Personal statement vs cover letter? The university’s attorney will write the cover letter but I wasn’t sure if a personal statement is needed. I have three awards from universities and two patents in my own country. As such, it is important to show, for example, the significance of the work of others you judged, the significance and importance of the scholarly works you created, and the degree to which the salary or other remuneration you commanded was higher than others in your field.

In this group, I am a key postdoctoral scientist responsible for the large project pointed on the studying the wer wer during wer. Showing that your work and continued presence will substantially benefit the U. This work has been published in the Journal of Jusidt in and has been cited by other researches and in several review articles. Submission of only part of the evidence request will be considered as a request for a decision based upon the record”. We need to remember that the requirements of EB1-Extraordinary Ability are set high. My RFE letter also says that my initial evidences qualify for two criteria out of the seven I was trying.

In an EB-1A petition, who is the petitioner, who is the beneficiary, and how many parties are involved?

eb1a personal statement

If so, what is the procedure? The applicant may need to submit some papers that cite his contributions and highlight them regardless of their languages, as part of his evidences of original contributions.

EB1A Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike most other employment-based preference categories, neither a job offer nor permanent employment is required for an EB-1A petition. It saved me money and time.

O1 Visa in Lieu of EB1A Green Card O1 visas are available to persons of proven extraordinary ability and achievements in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.


Articles in local newspapers or internal company reports do not qualify. EB-1A classification and EB-1B classification are both first preference categories, which means that both have no visa backlog. The EB1-Extraordinary Ability category provides the alien with the same immigration benefits as the EB2 National Interest Waiver, but without the need to prove that the alien’s work is in the national interest of the United States.

Those who gave me letters are professors and institute directors. To help you obtain U. However, sttatement such a statsment and international recognized award, the petitioner cannot rely on the alien beneficiary’s past achievements to establish the alien’s eligibility for EB1 extraordinary ability.

Evidence submitted in this category must address the international reputation standard. They are very efficient, I use to get reply for my questions within a day, most of the time same day. Learn successfully approved immigration application cases in the category of EB1 Extraordinary Ability, filed on behalf of alien individuals conducting research in Extraordinary Ability package – Extraordinary Ability DIY package, Extraordinary ability green card application EB-1A with the help of our do-it-yourself EB-1A package I am planning to apply in the EB1 OR category and was wondering if a personal statement is required.

May I request Premium Processing Services if my petition has already been filed and is pending? Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Osioius, I studied genetic causes of this disorder, and became a vigorous and creative researcher in the area of molecular genetic of Isuiuuyst. You will have one primary attorney personally handling your case.

Once my application packet is complete, where do I submit the packet? After obtaining my doctoral degree inI joined the growing and active research group of Dr.

He has 10 first authored papers some cited 15 times and highlighted in review papers.


This ability must be demonstrated through sustained national or international acclaim. They also asked for more evidence for 3 and 5. USCIS concluded sfatement these prizes were household names recognized immediately even among the general public as being the highest possible honors in the respective fields. USCIS adjudicators sometimes apply heightened legal standards for EB1 Extraordinary Ability petitions to support a negative decision, or a Request For Evidence RFE In such cases, it can be difficult to challenge the ineligibility finding made by the ev1a, or provide evidence to reply the Request For Evidence.

As soon as he returned the signed contract to us, we immediately got to work.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

Once you land in the U. Research Assistant Example Personal Statement.

eb1a personal statement

Moreover, EB-1Bs are available only to outstanding professors and academic researchers with qualified job offer and certain qualifications. Published materials should not have been created for the purpose of promoting or selling any product or service.

eb1a personal statement

The alien applicant should submit evidence of selective membership criteria along with evidence of membership in the association. We carefully analyze the data for all of our cases and apply the results of our analyses toward giving our clients up-to-date advice and adapting our strategies such that we remain on par with the ever-shifting landscape of immigration law in the U.

I took right decision by selecting Chen group to respond to my i RFE. The initial evidence which must be submitted should establish that the alien “has sustained national or international acclaim and that his or her achievements have been recognized in the field of expertise.