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In addition to issues of capacity and organizational analysis, describes a well-focused, well-managed medical service facility that may well point the way to future economies in the field. The plan of expanding the capacity by moving into ano ther geographical segment such as the United States, involves extensive capital expenditure in setti ng up a new facility. Create your own flipbook. Shouldice performs 33 operations per day, which generate daily bed demand of onWednesday and Thursday, and 99 on Tuesday See Appendix 3: However, under the given case facts, the em ployees might resent this move of working in extra shifts during the day. The selection of such a candidate should preferably be done among the e xisting doctors in the hospital.

The short recovery period of 4 days in hospital and back to work after 1 to 4 weeks after operation compared to other capitals with days in hospital and back to work after 2 to 8 weeks is a huge competitive advantage. After analyzing all the alternatives I would prop ose a combination of plans 1 and 5 to be implemented. In fact it is not possible to use the capacity of the operating room because the number of beds is the bottleneck which limits the number of operations a day. Spread across the 5 existing operating rooms, this averages out to 6. Since each of the normal operations take1 hour, and there are 5 hours available during the morning, 5 operations could be scheduled in eachoperating room from 7: Cost and time should be held as small as possible, flexibility and quality as high as possible. Currently the hospital’s services are not being marketed.

Cite View Details Educators Purchase. What is the maximum possible throughput rate of Shoulder Hospital? Parents of kids can stay for free and the annual check-up is also free-of-charge. After lunch, the remaining 13 operations are performed. No surgeries on Saturday or Sunday. The comprehensive patient experience includesorientation, evening tea, patient socializing, and encouraging nurses and housekeepers. Shoulddice this scenario, the daily examination capacity, daily operation capacity, and number of beds available all line up perfectly, with no individual factor as bottleneck.


case study shouldice hospital limited

This would also aid in protecting against privacy to an extent. The hospital is having a successful run as a niche player ztudy to the demand for treatment of hernia patients. Shouldice Hospital Limited Abridged.

Demandfor Shouldice services is so much higher than its current capacity of 89 beds that it is in a constant state ofoperations backlog, which grows by patients every 6 months.


As we established above, the current bottleneck lies in the room capacity of 89 and that an increase in thenumber of rooms will fix this bottleneck. Alexander — Each surgeon performs surgeries per day. Unfortunately on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the hospital would have a lack of 10 beds. Leadership and Management Styles. Patients are viewed as the boss, so the patient experience is positive.

case study shouldice hospital limited

Add this document to saved. Shouldice technique versus other open techniques for inguinal hernia repair. Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! The primary issue here is deciding on the manner in which the capacity should be increased without diluting the quality of service rendered. This can be implemente d by having doctors and other medical staff to work in shifts.

Compute the cycle time time per patient and weekly capacity patients per week for: Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.


case study shouldice hospital limited

We believe that this represents an opportunity for improvement. Chapter 1 – Kellogg School of Management.

The plan of expanding the capacity by moving into ano ther geographical segment such as the United States, involves extensive capital expenditure in setti ng up a new facility. After analyzing various plans of actions, it is proposed that the capacity of the hospital be increased by scheduling the operations on Saturdays al so.

Staff and physicians are treated well so turnover is low. Shouldice Advantage at Shouldice to promote healthyand happy patients, in addition to content and loyal staff. The administrative processes in the hospital must be made computerized to improve th eir efficiency.

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Plans to adequately market them in order to create awareness of the genuine Sho uldice method of surgery should be undertaken.

Also this solution would take some time to implement. By Arnab Kumar Das. Add to collection s Add to saved. For the ululation of the maximum possible throughput rate we assumed that the patients arrive on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for being operated on the following day. Also no information is forthcoming about the market status of other hospitals, that is whether they are open on Saturdays or not.