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By conducting a sin- gle in-depth case study on a community participating in their own urban housing project, we can see how resilience building in the National Capital Region is interpreted and acted on from a bottom-up perspective. Mabilin suggests that less concern should be put on urban security of tenure and ownership of homes. Thus, my research only give insight to a particular time and place of the community. In areas where the barangay cap- tain is unsupportive of the informal settlers, it is very difficult to implement any improvements for the ISFs living situation. The key issues of my initial research proposal had a larger focus on flood mitigation strategies of the urban poor, thus, a larger proportion of my research questions concerned flooding. If the government wants to adapt to climate change these priorities must be the main concern, and adaptation must be mainstreamed in order to avoid obstructing those priorities. UPA told me that these families preferred the near- city relocation because there, the families own the land of their property.

By changing politics from the bottom-up through an increase of collective capabilities, governmental urban develop- ment have a higher chance of being inclusive to the urban poor Mitlin, , Global Environmental Politics 11 1 , 62— One day I will sleep. The issue of securing the future for their children is also a strong pull factor. Oxford Uni- versity Press. For security and consent reasons, I also decided to get a second approval of all direct quotes used in the thesis before publication. I am here because I want to write a thesis for my Master of Science in Global Studies about how regulations due to climate change effects and Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management directly affect the people living in one of the areas directly affected by these regulations.

Therefore, I will examine economic, socio-political, and environmental fac- tors, as my literature review identify these factors to be important in urban development.

Not only because of the time and effort invested in the PPHI, but also because the pull factors of becoming a homeowner, and all that the title entails would be pasiv. One day I will sleep.

Case study about ilog pasig writing grade 10 essay now

Outside of the Spanish city, the larger coastal plain of Manila is bisected by the Pasig River which traverses east to west from Laguna Lake to Manila bay. I understand the contradicting opinions as a need to look at each case and context separately instead of trying to find a universal answer for how social capital is affected by, for instance, climate change impacts. The government has a top-down approach to the Pasig River rehabilitation efforts, by not priori- tising the needs of the informal settlers.


Since semi-structured interviews are flexible in their na- ture, the respondents had a large influence over ;asig content of the interviews, and I believe that the research questions can be answered by my empirical material. Moreover, the transparency and bureaucratic simplicity of a foundation-led project allowed KBPIP efficiently utilize resources.

What are the sources of income for you and your family? Retrieved February 4,from http: The grid street pattern, the monumental plaza, and stone city walls became established as urban forms. Regarding anonymity, the respondents in Legarda and Pasiv were clear about their interest in participating in my study as it can contribute to the community by spreading the word of the PPHI.

case study ilog pasig

Climate change and urbanization: Hence, the level of active participation in the core activities of the communitym, and the organisation of UPA and NML, is not high enough to be considered the main strategy for data collection Bryman, Government action, social capital and development: The push factors are no longer only resisting relocation, they now include being treated as outcasts of their own society, that the children will have less opportunities in Legarda, that the risk of stucy and floods keep the parents up jlog night, the risk of dengue, and the fear of let- ting small children play by the water.

If the government wants to relocate the families, they will have to do so within Manila Interview 1, 4, 5, Even though my education in global studies iolg social anthropology has given me a general knowledge about the region, a lot of effort during my initial time in the Philippines was focused on understanding the paasig and social aspects of the country, and gaining first hand experience of living in the NCR.

case study ilog pasig

Before coming to ilgo Philippines, I had never been in Asia. In order to achieve this aim my research question is: Challenges, approaches and institutionalization.


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The level of par- ticipation from your side apsig completely voluntary. The UPA also identifies good leadership as an important factor for a successful project.

Esteros in the late 20th century became open sewers where buildings and houses are turned away from so that the discharge of sewage and garbage into the waterway was collectively ignored. Now that we have our own connection I discourage each family to do their own tapping, to avoid faulty lines, to avoid fires.

Simultaneously, the government prioritises the mitigation of floods in order to prevent natural disasters, and has the goal of relocating between Aroundrunners joined the event in which garnered national attention for its attempt to secure a world-record for largest number of participants for a racing event. Through the communities bridged social capital, specifically to UPA, the people of Legarda have increased their resources significantly.

Presuming that the PPHI will be accomplished, I asked my respondents how their life will be different once they have moved in to their new homes. I believe that a distinction can be made be- tween how the NML present their objectives to the government, and what the actual reasons for the PPHI are.

Bridged social capital are the connections made with actors con- sidered to belong to another network, group, or social class. Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated. I argue that the success of implementation relies on gaining and main- taining both bonded, and bridged social capital.

case study ilog pasig

Additionally informal settlements can create an affordable urban space for habitation, social networks and small businesses for the urban poor Hell- man, People immediately began using the spaces for communal purposes. A child playing with matches can easily burn down the community, dtudy the cost of repairing the homes will strain their savings for the PPHI and risk a forced evacuation Interview 3, 4, 5,