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Whether the oppoetunity of cross examination is to be give or not depends upon the circumstances of the case and statute under which hearing is held. It varies from situation to situation. It is the first principle of the civilised jurisprudence that a person facing the charges must be given an opportunity to be heard, before any decision is taken against him. The second element is hearing. Audi AG, Public Relations. No decision can be declared without hearing both the parties. Article 14 enshrines that every person should be treated equally.

State of Bombay and in another case of Krishna Chandra v. Exceptions To Audi Alteram Partem: The said person was not allowed to cross-examine the persons who gave information to the authority. Lawyers Membership – Get Clients Online. It is actually not regarded as an obligatory part of natural justice in all cases. The Union of India [1], it has been held that the law and procedure must be of a fair, just and reasonable kind.

With the expansion of the administrative process, the wide abuse of the power of the esaay authorities became evident. Please Drop Your Comments. Ordinarily, no evidence personal or oral should be received at the back of other party and if any such evidence is recorded, it is duty of the authority that such evidence must be made available to the other party as in the case of Stafford v.

Any wrong order may adversely affect a person.

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There is, therefore, a bewildering variety of administrative procedure. Similarly, in Hira nath mishra v. Trespass to Land and Dispossession. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. His former partners sued him for trademark infringement, and the German Reichsgericht Supreme Court ruled that the Horch brand belonged to his former company.


This can be done either orally or in written. Fairly speaking, the representation through a lawyer in the administrative adjudication is not considered as an essau part of the fair hearing. The right to notice means the right of sesay known. But the adjudicatory bodies functioning outside the purview of the regular court hierarchy are not subject to a uniform statute governing their proceedings.

The notice must be given a reasonable opportunity to comply with its requirements.

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Section 33 of the Indian Evidence Act,provides for the rights of the parties to cross-examin. Hence, no case pratem judgment can be decided without listening to the point of another party.

Its adequacy depends upon the case. On the report of the committee, four students were expelled from the college. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Thus in the case of Keshav mills Co. It is not found in the codified statutes. Natural justice has two main components; the rule of hearing or rights to be heard or audi alteram partem and the rule against bias or nemo-judex in causa sua.

There are many cases where this principle of natural justice is excluded, and no option is given to the party to speak. This legislation provide for details of how to determine claims and pay them.


Tracing the Need for the Application of the Doctrine ‘Audi Alteram Partem’ in Legal Service

Where a notice contains only one charge, the person cannot be punished for the charges which were not mentioned in the notice. Before taking any action the adjudicatory authority essay to keep in mind the several considerations.

audi alteram partem essay

Types of Writs In Indian Constitution The supreme court, and High courts have power to issue writs in the nature of habeas corpusquo Eesay generally, a notice, in order to be adequate must contain following elements: Remember me on this computer. The norms of natural justice are based on two ideas: At a particular centre, where there were more than thousand students, it was alleged to have mass copying. Exceptions To Audi Alteram Partem: Therefore held, the appointment of Commissioner to inquire the merit of the scheme could audk in suspicion that justice might not be done.

Audi Alteram Partem

It lays down that no one should be condemned unheard. In this blog post, Sakshi Jain, ;artem, Amity Law School, Lucknow Campus writes about the emerging need of audi alteram partem in the court of law. Aeschylus,The Eumenides, 4.