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In front of the soot filled fireplace with shattered family photographs and heirlooms, a decrepit, stooped human figure can barely be identified sitting in the depths of the shadows. Alaina, In my opinion, your story is very rich in imagination and details. As I was exploring I was immediately discovered by a native, which I had expected. I worried that they would ask me to leave but I had done nothing wrong to them and they are nice people. Each week’s assignments faster and ios as usual. What a good story!

Each detail soaks into his eyes. A smile full of wrath and enjoyment in the fear of Montresor. He looked outside and saw the black and starry sky. I quickly agreed, I was released from jail and planned to escape to another state. Overall it was a very well written piece.

I like the way that Montresor punished Fortunato. My blood begins to boil.

03.08 the narrative essay final draft

Zssignment I work for him, maybe I can make my own Amontillado. His head throbbed with a terrible headache. Personal Narrative Essay Final Draft.

There are grammatical errors throughout and the style of writing is very choppy. Another thing is tue there was no explanation on why Montressor wanted his revenge. Keep up the good work Elijah! I think this is an important story that is written very well narratie it teaches that you will reap what you sew.

I like how you set this up kind of like a poem. It was like you jumped from story to story with no description of how you got there in the first place. He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine, but I was always in his shadow never well respected liked Fortunato I vowed injuries after injuries from Fortunato I must have never been given good word by Fortunato neither by word or deed, but I had given Fortunato doubt by my good will, but he also had a weak point One evening during the supreme madness of the carnival season me and my dear friend Fortunato decided to take a assignmenh down to the vaults.


A smile full of wrath and enjoyment in the fear of Montresor.

assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft

I was free, or so I nsrrative I was 03.008 met with three police cars blocking the road. I eat alone inside the gloomy castle of the Montresor family, whose remains lie within the catacombs along with Fortunato. Having to be the one blamed for my mothers death by one who should love and care for me more than anyone, that person being my father.

I was hearing Fortunato in my head; I was starting to feel as if Fortunato was haunting me. It sounds like Poes writing style and what he would have written himself.

Looking more grotesque than before. A few weeks later Monstresor and Lilith got married.

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Montresor finally got himself to calm down enough to where his body stopped shaking as well as that he also stopped pulling his hair. The Blue killed your mother. That is a different way to start a story and I liked it. He had to leave this town.


assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft

The stone was the stone big enough? It was also very well made. His shoulders pointed downwards but his head was straight up looking right at him.

assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft

Throughout narrative story there are many grammar errors that need to be fixed. I enjoyed the amount of dialogue involved in the storyline and it was very well laid out and organized. Tonight, Montresor notes that there is an unusually eerie feeling in the air.

The detail really adds meaning to the story. He was full of regret and changed his bad way. Montresor finally got his revenge on Fortunato.

Assignment 03.08 the narrative essay final draft | Birmy Education

Nice word choices and good description. Chatter of others was heard draftt around him, it soothed him. He did it again and again until his heart slowed.