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Avoid filler words like very, really and just. Preference will be given to Female candidates. Initially I moved on and began working full time in the automotive industry. Include the address for the bursary issuer in the top left corner of the application letter. Write it as if you were speaking to an employer or professor. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? At this point in my life I am determined to work out a way to afford my future education which is a challenge.

With your help I will be finishing my education and will become eligible to apply for a suitable position in a company or organization. Once someone makes a discovery the technological knowledge gained is eventually used to develop even greater technologies. Nkayishane Decor Traiding Home Improvement. To Whom It May Concern,. Bursary application letter should be polite as you are requesting to release the funds.

It is these factors that eventually led to me placing aplication the top three matriculants in my school. The reason I have not attending the course as of yet is the financial burden that accompanies secondary education.

Transnet Bursary Scheme

Transnet’s core businesses are: If the student fails to comply with the requirements of the bursary agreement, the bursary becomes payable in terms of the agreement.

I am a hard working student and my education is very important to me. Bursary Application Letter Template. In the first paragraph, concisely explain the purpose of the application.

We supply a list of EFL job vacancies. After the screening of applications by the Transnet Bursary Department, candidates — based on academic performance on secondary or tertiary level — will be invited to be interviewed. Ever since my early school days I have always been a hardworking individual who remained focused on my ultimate goal of passing my matric with excellent marks.



With a bursary, the work may be completed after graduation or after the aid has been issued, depending on the nature of the contract. It is a formal letter and hence words should be chosen carefully. Thank you very much for considering my request. Im going to send it to a quite a few places, it’s just a general a bursary application letter. My family is finding it difficult to pay my college fees. Cover the point and move on.

application letter for transnet bursary

I would be honored to contribute to this cycle in any way I can. All training will be done in Durban. Bursary is the part of the treasury which is kept aside for the purpose of utilizing the funds on students who cannot afford their educational expenses in an institution. Think of this as a cover letter for a resume — a quick overview of your credentials, goals and current accomplishments.

The guide below will transhet just that. I want to set an example for the people challenged by finances, particularly in my intended line of work. Being accepted to the bursary program will greatly assist me in my educational pursuit and career goals.


I have paid the fees for the first year.

Transnet Bursary 2019 – 2020

Preference will be given to Female candidates. I had been browsing through this site for a few days to appliccation and get an idea of how to approach the letter,but I have not seen any letters that cover my specific situation.

My conscience suggests that the gap between my problems and the success is the initiative to ask for help. Explain how the bursary will help you cover the cost of your degree and what you plan to use the funds for.

This section can be longer than the last because it reflects your personal goals. I need this bursary to complete my bachelor. Make the application letter personal applicatioon than generic.

application letter for transnet bursary

This is because generic letters are easy to forget. It is somewhat like a scholarship, but it typically comes with a work contract that acts as a form of repayment.

Yours Sincerely, John Doe.

In short i need some help with the fkr polishing and also some information on applying for bursaries Thanks. This list may vary depending on the needs of the company: Nkayishane Decor Traiding Home Improvement.