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The solution must meet the technical requirements. Security Requirements Contoso identifies the following security requirements: Your company is assigned a new set of public IP addresses. But if you read and understand the questions you can pass. A partner company named Tailspin Toys has an Exchange Server organization. The sites are named Site1 and Site2. Create an Edge Subscription.

Only 1 new question outside the dump. To answer, select the appropriate directory in the answer area. You need to recommend a solution to ensure that the users can protect email messages by using IRM from Outlook Web App. The memos must be protected so that unauthorized users cannot read the memos and internal users cannot forward the memos to external recipients. Datum has five locations. What should you modify?

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Deploy a hardware load balancer to EX3 and EX6. Which numbers should you use for the UM configurations? The personal store on the Mailbox servers. To answer, select the appropriate technology for each requirement in the answer area. The solution must meet the following requirements: You need to prevent a user named User8 from permanently deleting an email message in fabdikam mailbox.


Which two possible rules achieve this goal?

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User1 has the maximum number of call answering rules allowed. Office Coexistence Requirements Contoso identifies the following Office coexistence requirements: To answer, drag the appropriate technologies to the correct requirements. What should you do next? To answer, select the appropriate record to modify and the new data for the record in the answer area.

70-247 case study fabrikam

Each task may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Configure the voice mail protection settings of the UM mailbox policy. Hi all, i used these 2 from examcollection you can get them there Microsoft.

70-247 case study fabrikam

Your company identifies the following security requirements: Modify the list of source bridgehead servers of External2. Scan email sent outside – low count D. Which two options should you use? A network administrator updates the external firewall address and all of the associated DNS records.

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All domain controllers run Windows Server Do we have a valid file here? You plan to migrate all mailboxes to Exchange Server The solution must prevent two active copies of the same database. Point the record to the virtual IP address of the Client Access servers. The DAG contains servers in both data centers. The Contoso network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.


Instruct the engineers to create a personal folder. Which three actions should you recommend?

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Assign the UM1 mailbox policy to the mailbox of the HR department. To which group should you add HR1?

You deploy two third-party applications named App1 and App2. Click here to sign up. Tag2 permanently deletes the email messages after two years.

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Create a UM IP gateway. A company named Fabrikam, Inc. Which two technologies should you identify?